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Mission Pump Experts Tips for You

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In the modern oil drilling mud pump is indispensable in the process of drilling equipment, its role is to provide energy to the cycle of drilling fluid, at a certain pressure and flow rate, type drilling fluid in drilling tools, for drill pipe and drill for cooling and lubrication, washing purification bottom hole, carrying cuttings. To introduce the mission pump experts tips. In common are circulating drilling, it is to the earth's surface - water, mud, or of the circulation medium in the polymer rinses, under certain pressure, the center hole after high pressure hose, faucet and drill pipe column straight to the bottom of the drill head, in order to achieve cooling drills, cutting down the rock dust and the purpose of conveying to the surface. Mud pump working environment is very bad, the piston and cylinder liner is often damaged parts, drilling efficiency and drilling quality. Visible know Mission pump experts tips for using drilling equipment is also very important. On the developing trend of oil and gas exploration and development at home and abroad, the drilling operation face more harsh natural environment, drilling more complicated geological conditions. The development of modern drilling technology, the ability of mud pump work put forward higher requirements, reliability and safety for the work of mud pump also have higher requirements, the user can refer to Mission pump experts tips.

First introduces Mission pump experts tips of machine failure reasons. Currently widely used triplex single acting mud pump, the damage is the main reason for the hydraulic side wearing parts life is low, easy to damage failure. Mission pump experts tips: to the hydraulic valve is the main part, piston and cylinder liner. According to the statistics, of all the parts, piston failure is most often occur, service life is shorter, the average life expectancy in 150~200h. This directly affects drilling speed and the production cost, therefore, developed long-life mud pump piston assembly is necessary.

Sand pump piston assembly short life is the result of a variety of factors, on the failure form of Mission pump experts tips are:

1. The wear failure: (1) high press, high speed caused by piston cup to cylinder sleeve friction is bigger, produced a large number of friction heat, accelerating the abrasion of the rubber material, oxidation and aging. (2) First entered the tiny grits with contact surface of cylinder liner, piston cup grinding grain for the relative motion of the cup and the cylinder liner, causing the abrasion of piston cup and cylinder liner wear and tear.

2. Against failure. Sealing material cup for entering and gap between cylinder and piston core forming crowded, crowded injury occurred in the root of the piston cup.

Reasons for piston failure, long life and develop a mud pump piston concrete Mission pump experts tips below. Work in piston rubber lip and piston is the root surface distance along the circumferential direction and vertical direction with a certain distance, a 2 mm wide, 1.5 mm deep trough, the piston working surface is divided into small squares. Mission pump experts tips: can be stored within the groove lubricants, at work, the piston and cylinder liner from dry friction to wet rubbing, to decrease the piston and cylinder sleeve friction, the friction heat, cooling of cylinder liner and piston end at the same time, the lower the temperature on the surface of the piston work further, thus reducing the piston work caused by friction heat on the surface of wear and tear.

Mission pump experts tips: nylon in the piston ring and a molding rubber cup, nylon ring support effect to the rubber cup, avoid direct contact with the piston and piston cup core and work to avoid deformation of the rubber cup into the piston core and cylinder sleeve seam gap, reduce against failure. Along the circumferential direction in nylon ring set with polypropylene fiber ring in the groove, polypropylene fiber has advantages of flexibility and good abrasion resistance. Mission pump experts tips: combined closely with the polypropylene fiber can seal ring and cylinder liner, avoid work to scour, cylinder liner of mud sand into the gaps between the piston cup and cylinder liner. At the same time, along with the piston movement of cylinder liner has cleaning effect, can prevent the occurrence of sand abrasion.

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