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Mission Pump Development Situation of Domestic and Overseas

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The time of Mission pump usage is about 100 years. In recent years, with the exploitation of deep well and ultra deep well is more and more, the requirements of the power and pressure of Mission pump are put forward.

The early typical structure of Mission pump is duplex double action pump. Its transmission efficiency is low, its flow and pressure fluctuation is big, its volume is big and its weight is heavy. This cannot satisfy bad drilling condition. Now, with the innovation of oil production technology and increasingly requirements of drilling, there has been some new type of Mission pumps.

Mission pump of domestic started from the 1960s and developed by the introduction of USA technology. At present, we have some units which can product series triplex pump. These can basically satisfy the needs of most oil field drilling of domestic. Some of them are exported.

At present, many countries research and use triplex single acting Mission pump. The development direction of Mission pump is high power, Mud cleaner, large diameter and high pump pressure. The research abroad is early, the technology is excellent. Among them, the USA technology is the most advanced, it is followed by Russia and Romania.

Most of the USA Mission pumps are triplex single acting pump. The Russia triplex drilling pump starts late and develops slow. But its triplex pump series has formed.

Although triplex single acting pump now is the tendency of aboard, it has disadvantages that cannot be overcome. At present, abroad has begun to develop some new type of Mission pumps.

The main problems of Mission pump

1. It is heavy. It is hard to fit the requirements of modern portable rig and restricts its mobility.

2. Its stroke is short. Working under this condition will shorten its life.

3. Its pump pressure is low and it cannot satisfy the needs of modern drilling technology.

4. Its structure is unreasonable. Part of it is lack of rigidity. Its reliability is too low to satisfy the requirements of high reliability.

5. Its cylinder liner life is too short to satisfy the high efficiency requirement of drilling.

In order to solve the main disadvantages of Mission pump and improve its service efficiency, we should choose the basic parameters reasonably and optimize structure design.

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