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Maintenance of Centrifugal Pump

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There are mainly two types of problems that could be harmful to the operation of centrifugal pump ; they are hydraulic and mechanical problem. Even a little malfunction will influence the working of pump, on account of this, maintenance of the centrifugal pump is absolutely necessary.

Hydraulic problem will lead to the failure of delivering liquid, inadequate capacity, deficient pressure and so forth. While mechanical problem will result in excessive power consumed and some mechanical fault such as noise and breakage and can reduce pump capacity as well. A regular overhaul is imperative and figures out what kind of symptom the pumps have.

First of all, daily inspection is inevitable to avoid irregularity occur during the operation, once any symptom is found out, it should be recorded and reported right away. Things like sound of the pump, abnormal temperature change and leakage should be aware of. Apart from these, you should also examine the pressure gauges and flow meter every day. Some pump is equipped with recording instruments; in this case, you should check the test data and see whether any further inspection is required. A trending chart is also necessary to observe the change over time.

You need to monitor the centrifugal pump regularly and accurately on the base of some specific plan and some trained workforce. For example, to inspect a de-1000 decanter centrifuge . To check whether the pump is working normally, parameters like suction pressure, flow, speed, efficiency, power and discharge pressure need to be monitored. Having a regular overhaul exerts a far-reaching impact on the pump’s performance. Find out the fault as early as possible can save you a lot which includes avoid energy waste, improve pump efficiency. You should set up a plan in order to maintain the pump in a qualified state. A predictive and planed strategy can improve accuracy. Besides the above parameter, other conditions such as vibration monitoring and oil level should also be taken into consideration.

As we all know, regular inspection can better guarantee the performance of centrifugal pump, but different level require different frequency. For example, routine check includes some easy factors like pressure, temperature, vibration. And for quarterly and annual check, monitor factors will be different. The following is the inspection schedule for centrifugal pump.

During routine inspection, you need to check oil level on the bearing frame, check if there is any unusual noise and abnormal temperature changes, check the seal chamber and make sure no excessive leakage.

For three-month inspection, foundation, hold-down bolts, mechanical seal is to check. And oil need to be changed at least every three month. If there is adverse atmospheric, then oil need to be changed more frequently. And each year, check the pump’s performance such as its capacity, pressure and power at least on time. The performance should be recorded in detail and establish benchmark at early stage.

When keeping maintenance of centrifugal pump, you should notice that all pump bearing will fail sooner or later therefore you should pay particular attention to bearing lubrication. And when using oil as lubricant, make sure it is non-foaming and non-detergent type.

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