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Maintaining and Upkeep of Solid Control System

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Pay more attention when using solid control system , especially when you are to maintain solid control system. The drilling fluid returned from the wellhead should be in a turn through the vibrating screen, desander, desilter and centrifuge for processing. Otherwise, it may cause the result that the next level purification equipment cannot work normally due to its overload.

The desander door should adopt the reverse structure. It should be sealed by type O sealing ring and compressed by bolt clamps. What’s more, it is worth noting in the process of moving and transporting that the door should be compacted to prevent it from being damaged.

When using mixed funnel, the butterfly valve should be turned off in advance. It can only be turned on after the normal discharge from the export of pressurized drilling fluid, and then, conducting the charging operation. What’s more, when charging, the funnel should be fed continuously to prevent fluid from returning. If such condition likes unfreely education or clogging occurs, the charging operation should be reduced or just stopped, so that the troubles can be handled timely.

When feeding fluid for medium pressure drilling fluid pipeline with frilling fluid pump, the pressure will be suitable if it does not exceed six or eight MPa.

When the operation is quite in winter, it is worth to pay attention to put into water to avoid being frozen.

When the sand pumps and agitator are in using, observe the oil level height of oil cup to ensure a certain oil level. In case that the lubrication is insufficient, which may cause the phenomena of high temperature and friction?

Before the initial use of all kinds of pumps, it will be better to discharge the belts and test the rotate direction of the machine. If not to, adjust it immediately, so as to prevent the damage of pumps’ bodies, especially the shearing pump.

All the seven drilling fluid tanks of this system should be taken with anti-corrosion treatment. Therefore, during the using process, we should try our best to avoid the phenomena like impacting on the tank wall, impacting drilling, welding, wearing wall and so on. Otherwise, it will be highly possible to cause damage to anticorrosive coating, which may influence the life cycle of the tank.

Statistical analysis results show that the daily maintenance costs by about 90% when drilling fluid are mainly concerning the problem of solid control or related issues. In addition, costs of bearing pressure and price of barite in drilling fluid accounts for about 75% of the total material cost of drilling fluid. As a result,, the correct selection and usage of solid control system and equipment can remove a large number of cuttings and reduce the consumption of supporting materials and treating agents to drilling fluid. Thus, obtain the better economic benefits.

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