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Maintain a Desander to Prolong Its Lifespan

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People buy desanders in order to remove heavy ash particles. With good maintenance, they are able to be applied for much more time. It is common that a desander is not so good as the first time it works. Long- term operation definitely leaves a desander worn or damaged or even useless. Therefore, to maintain desanders is very vital, which increases their life spans as well as reduce energy consumption.

It is a mistake that many people think that desanders need maintain after operating 4,000 hours. Before that, they do nothing to keep the desander in a good condition. In fact, if the desander is not in good maintenance, it is easy to break down even if it doesn’t run up to 4,000 hours. So during the operation, the desanders need maintaining.Usually, some parts of desanders are easy to wear off, such as upper cone-shaped canister and the swirl’s body case. Those parts are highly possible to have problems if DE-1000 Decanter centrifuge is running. Therefore, you need check the desanders from time to time. If one part are damaged, you must take immediate action to repair. If it cannot be repaired, you buy a new one quickly, because the damaged part is able to influence other part of a desander.

Besides, some people do know the importance of maintenance, but they don’t use the right way to keep a desander in good condition. Even worse, due to their wrong behavior, the desander breaks down. There are stores that provide maintenance service just like car maintenance. And the store you bought the desander has the responsibility to help you and some stores even offer free maintenance within the first half year. Or they provide preferential price for maintaining desanders. You can find one of stores to do the job, and the store sends staff to your location. A desander is used for removing sands or other mud gun material, so it might have deposits. You can clean deposits by yourself or you run the desander for 5 to 10 minutes without loading and the pump is supposed to be stopped. In addition, if the desander processes slurry that has heavy viscosity, you must wash the screen cloth cleanly, with the close-mesh screen impacted. Otherwise, the mesh that is blocked because of sand or other sticky substances will ruin the screen.

Finally, the best maintenance of a desander is to operate it correctly. According to research, many repair and replacement are because of wrong operation. For example, the ideal spouting angle at the bottom should be 20°to 30°, while many people never notice that. They just keep running the desander. It is no wonder that the desander will need maintaining and repairing. Maintaining a desander is not difficult. However, it still need your carefulness. And the desander needs maintenance not just once.

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