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Maintain Vacuum Degasser Properly

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Over the years, the oil in the hydraulic system of air content, the form of air into the hydraulic system and hydraulic system of oil gas for the influence of hydraulic system, etc., gradually paid great attention by the researchers from hydraulic system at home and abroad. The oil in the hydraulic system for degassing treatment has become more and more important. Traditional bubble removing methods mainly use the necessary fuel tank in the system, on the structure of the fuel tank to shear pump, but the effect is very poor. Based on the simple analysis of the hydraulic oil in the harm of gas, the generation of air bubbles, and oil and gas separation principle, mainly introduces a kind of oil stack sizer device design, working principle and how to maintain vacuum degasser.

In the hydraulic transmission system, the oil is power transmission medium, there is no air in the hydraulic system with the case, can think the oil is compressible fluid, without regard to its compressibility. Once the oil mixed with air, the compression ratio will increase, the oil itself has high rigidity is greatly reduced, volume elasticity coefficient is greatly reduced, thus affecting transmission stiffness and precision of the hydraulic system, cause the actuator motion error, working mechanism, automatic control failure resulting crawling, positioning inaccurate or orientation drift, as well as the machining accuracy decline, so detrimental to maintain vacuum degasser. The correct use and know how to maintain vacuum degasser can extend the life of the machine.

According to the above analysis, we can put the hydraulic oil in an airtight container in the vacuum, pressure lower than that of air separation pressure in the container; can dissolve in the hydraulic oil of air separation. When you maintain vacuum degasser, you should know that the lower the pressure on the surface of the liquid, the more the amount of air. At the same time, in order to prevent the hydraulic oil evaporation, vacuum after the hydraulic oil pressure must be higher than the temperature of hydraulic oil saturation vapor pressure, still there will be part of the hydraulic oil vaporization and air after being pulled together, must carry out separation of oil and gas processing, this helps to maintain vacuum degasser.

To realize maintain brant screen related knowledge, must first understand its structure. Closed system of vacuum degassing equipment hydraulic system is mainly composed of vacuum pumps, piston accumulator, cylinder, one-piece driving ball valves, gas storage, electromagnetic valve, oil/water filter and low pressure accumulator. The device consists of two main functions: to efficient hydraulic system of hydraulic oil degassing treatment; the cylinder and piston accumulator components can be set up and balance pressure tank pressure, have the effect of absorption pressure pulsation. The whole working process of a vacuum degasser is divided into three aspects: the pressure inside the oil tank vacuum; to vacuum the oil pipeline of the hydraulic system. Balance in the process of work pressure tank, absorb the pressure pulsation. Now you might know how to maintain vacuum degasser.

Inside the pressure tank of oil pumping air into vacuum state, it is reasonable to maintain vacuum degasser. So how do you maintain vacuum degasser? Open the vacuum pump, electromagnetic reversing valve have electricity, compressed air into the cylinder rod chamber, compressed air into the rod less cylinder cavity at the same time, because two cylinder cavity pressure, cylinder piston movement left, drives the piston accumulator piston movement left, which resulted in the reduction pressure tank of liquid level. When the vacuum meter reading reaches a certain value, the ball valve closed, close vacuum pump. Let stand for 10 min, make the oil of the supersaturated air is released. Otherwise, continue to pressure vacuum tank. By all these methods, we can well maintain vacuum degasser.

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