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Maintain Solid Control Equipment on a Regular Basis

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Constant measures should be taken to maintain solid control equipment. Specific measures depend on the composition and temperature of the oil well as well as on the limiting pressures. For the typical oil wells, derrick screen is needed and the limiting pressures vary a bit over realistic values. Once the scaled time is reached, the growth in oil recovery will be slowed down. The drilling rate will eventually reach a plateau even if we constantly maintain solid control equipment. Some experts describe the maximum oil recovery rate possible for the given problem with Mongoose PT screen parameters. The slowing down depends in detail upon dynamics of oil expansion, the reservoir permeability, and the initial and final pressures of Mongoose PT screen. After transients of the first few months of production have subsided, cumulative production of various oil products takes another form with the help of solid control equipment.

The figure can be obtained by fitting a curve to the measured cumulative oil production. Therefore, if we want to estimate the entire drilling time, we can do so after well production declines in an exponential manner. There are many steps to maintain solid control equipment and the next step is to reduce non productive time in the recognizing zones. As it was mentioned before, it is critical to maintain solid control equipment but sometimes taking action on a regular basis can be really difficult. But artificial oil drilling network can be seen as a powerful tool for predicting complex phenomena around the drilling sites. At first we attempt to build the Mongoose PT screen network for predicting stuck pipe in all wells but no meaningful result can be obtained. To complete the input data, more de-1000 decanter centrifuge time is added to previous data concerning solid control equipment.

Due to this reason, the input data are consisted of more than thirteen effective parameters about how to maintain solid control equipment. In the year of 2010, there were about forty thousand oil wells in South America and Europe and about 60 corporations are involved in the development of oil wells. They yearly produced more than eighteen percent of the global oil supply. It is expected that the rate would reach twenty four percent in the year of 2014. The great commercial interests and the significance to energy security require oil drilling operators to maintain solid control equipment. Only by doing so can they guarantee enough supply of oil and relieve oil and gas shortage in the world. Shale gas resource is very rich but research is still at the initial stage of exploratory and it is clear that we have to speed up the process of solid control equipment development.

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