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Main Sides About Centrifugal Pump Introduction

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Centrifugal impeller is rotated and the equipment of centrifugal sport water occurs, centrifugal pump introduction is often related to its component parts, features and applications as well as routine maintenance. Next, from these three aspects of centrifugal pump introduction:

(1) Composition Parts

Centrifugal pumps are mainly composed of six parts: impeller, pump, shaft, bearings, seal rings, stuffing.

① Impeller. It’s the core of the centrifugal pump, which provides a direct high-speed rotation force and force to water occurs the centrifugal movement. The centrifugal pump introduction also more attention to this part.

② Pump. The pump is a centrifugal main pump, which fixes and plays a supporting role, and connects to the installation of the bearing bracket.

③ Shaft. It’s connecting bearings and electric motors to transmit the mechanical energy to the impeller.

④ Bearings. It is to promote the centrifugal pump operating.

⑤ Seal ring.

⑥ Stuffing. Its role is to close the gap between the casing and the shaft, to prevent air and water flow into the device.

The centrifugal pump introduction about structure as shown above, in its specific use, we also should know.

(2) Features and Applications

According to its different components, centrifugal pump may be divided into different categories, but no matter what types of pump, the same basic function doesn’t change, which by action of the impeller, the mechanical energy is converted to kinetic energy of water, and then conveying water. Of course, it will be used in conjunction with the stack sizer and other equipments. The centrifugal pump introduction of its features includes water transport, heating or pressurized gas and liquid.

In daily life, we can understand the centrifugal pump introduction of applications. It is mainly in the metallurgical, chemical, textile, paper, as well as shops, transportation, and urban heating systems, such as high-rise building pressurized water, garden irrigation, fire booster, long-distance transportation, HVAC refrigeration cycle, bathroom, booster and ancillary equipment, and so on. Through extensive applications in these areas, centrifugal pumps have made outstanding contributions for the city.

(3) Routine maintenance

During the using process, centrifugal pump is easy to stop due to mechanical seal failure. When we know the centrifugal pump introduction, we should know how to maintain it.

① Take proper installation, making the working face smooth .

② Purchasing high quality standards of the seals to prevent leakage when using the compensation loop seal gap.

③ Installation space should not be too large.

④ Improve the lubricity of the liquid medium .

These are important parts for centrifugal routine maintenance, when you purchase a new machine, check centrifugal pump introduction, and pay special attention to instructions on precautions. These are also the details of the centrifugal pump maintenance which is also very momentous. For example: In a centrifugal pump part coats with rust inhibitors appropriately, and add the oil in the bearing housing and so on.

In addition, above three aspects only part of the contents centrifugal pump introduction, if you want to understand deeply you can study it.

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