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Life and Shape of the 518 Centrifuge

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The design of mixing hopper in the oil drilling station helps to lower the price of 518 centrifuge instead of the expensive experimental method that has been used for many years in the past. This is partly because some technical solutions have been figured out so as to get the expected vortex effect. By doing so, it can be ensured that the 518 centrifuge wire meshes are capable of placing the transversal on the desilter flow direction so that the floating structures as well as the rectangular plates within the device can move in a regular pattern along with the scaled bar rack that is in general expanded as a vortex suppressor.

It is designed in this manner in order to reduce the tendency of free surface 518 centrifuge vortex thanks to the presentation of a new solution for mitigating the negative effect of vortex motion inside the 518 centrifuge. In the first place, the influence of a rotating device has been studied, which is especially true on the vortex motion in the vertical 518 centrifuge pipes and experimental research has been conducted for various diameters of such parts as cylinders, the suction chamber and 518 centrifuge flow rates. Therefore, it can be concluded that the researches in this field are mainly experimental in an attempt to explain the desilter mechanism for developing the 518 centrifuge vortex as well as to assess their frequency so that suction chamber can be modeled in an easy manner by hydrodynamic similarity in a variety of oil drilling practices. At the same time, other factors like external forces, boundary conditions, and fluid attributes need to be considered when buying 518 centrifuge as well so as to avoid the negative effects of the vortex occurrence when it comes to the functioning of the 518 centrifuge pumping aggregates and the construction of the desilter suction chambers.

Therefore, it is recommended that the knowledge of the correlations between the 518 centrifuge functional parameters of working machines and the static level in the 518 centrifuge suction chamber should be made clear to the oil drilling operators in the first place to avoid any confusion in the working process. In other word, such factors as working intensity, life and shape of the 518 centrifuge vortex should be thought of carefully since they mainly depend on the rotating speed of the flow rate as well as the head of the 518 centrifuge pump. As a result, the water level in the suction chamber and the pressure on the free area can be calculated in a clear way with the help of the geometry of the desilter chamber and the positioning of the 518 centrifuge aspiration section.

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