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Learn More about Vacuum Degasser Application

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The vacuum degasser is the quite momentous equipment in industry production and our daily life. The vacuum degasser application contains three aspects: Cold water circulation systems, food processing and the production water.

(1) Cooling water circulation system

This is the first vacuum degasser application. Due to system and network leakage water, heating and cooling water circulation system will inevitably have some air. This part of gas exists in the system concludes three forms: ①the mass accumulated in the system high or local high point. ② the bubble motion cycle system with free water. ③the gas dissolved in water and move with the water cycle. The first, second are free gas, third for dissolved gas in water, and the air will bring many adverse effects on the heating and cooling water circulation system.

The accumulation of gas will produce air resistance, result that the resistance of the system is not balanced, system circulation is not smooth, noise, cavitation, these problems will reduce the effective head and the running efficiency of the water pump, reduce the service life of equipment and pipe network. Oxygen in system will cause the oxygen corrosion system. The corrosion causes service life of the system is reduced, directly affect the safety of the whole system.

The vacuum degasser application comes into play. The vacuum degasser takes vacuum degassing pressure principle and applicable to any aqueous system, which strong ability can ensure safe and efficient degassing to gas removal system of free and dissolved gases, allows the system to operate safely and reliably. Meanwhile, vacuum degasser application can also improve the life of other devices, reduce the cost of business.

(2) Food processing

The vacuum degasser application in foods production is frequently to be seen. Some compression foods, preserved foods, dry-place food needs to be pulled out of the air, and vacuum degasser become the best choice. In the food industry, more commonly encountered these types of foods susceptible to air a chemical reaction and deterioration, also its emphasis on food safety issues, in order to ensure food quality, extend shelf life, vacuum degasser application is very important. By vacuum degasser application, removal of oxygen in liquid or solid, even all of the air, has become the most important step in foods production. Of course, because of this, we were able to eat healthy, safe food

(3) Production water

The vacuum degasser is also widely used in the steam water, boiler water and other production water. Especially in boiler water, vacuum degasser application is seen more frequently. Boiler plays an important role in water supply in daily life and industrial production of heating. During its water supply, vacuum degasser is capable assistant. The vacuum degasser application contains of absorbing excess gas boiler plant to prevent the supply of water in the process as a mixture of the gas and cause unwanted explosion or other accidents, meanwhile can effectively guarantee oxidation reaction with air impact water supply and equipment life inside the boiler.

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