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Latest Installation Methods of Solid Control System

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Principles and requirements of installation of solid control system .

First, the installation of the equipment should be right, stable, complete and reliable. The valve should be sensitive and reliable and the pipeline should be expedite.

Second, all the fixed screws should be added with spring washer or locking nut, then fix it immediately after finding out the right direction. In addition, the hole diameter of all fixed bolts should be no greater than 0.2 centimeter compared to the corresponding diameter.

Third, the iron pad which is used to measure the level should not be more than 3 pieces, and the spot welding should be reliable. All the working parts and safety devices should be equipped completely and fixed with follower bolts.

Finally, all the connecting pins should be coated with grease before installation. After being installed to a certain position, the pin should be fitted with insurance. Then, the bolt will be tightened and the threaded portion will be coated with grease as well.

The installation of vibrating screen.

First, when it is used combine with tank circulation, the vibrating screen should be fixed and stable.

Second, based on horizontal plane, the vibrating screen is allowed to lean forward for 3 to 4 degrees.

Third, when a mesh screen is installed, both the upper and lower layers should be tensed at the same time.

Finally, when installing the belts of vibrating screen like brant screen and derrick screen , bear force on each single belt to see if it can fall for within 1 centimeter, if it does, then it will be given qualified evaluation.

The installation of deaerator.

First, the deaerator should be set horizontally.

Second, the vacuum deaerator should be installed between the vibrating screen and desander.

The installation of desander, desilter and cleaner.

First, when installing the desander and desilter, they are both allowed to lean forward 3 degrees.

Second, as to degritting and desilting sand pump transmitted by coupling, the sand pump and motor shaft alignment hole should be tensed when being transmitted with a belt.

The installation of centrifuge.

First, the centrifuge should be installed horizontally, and the four level elevation differences should be less than 1 centimeter.

Second, the overflow tube is claimed to lean forward more than 45 degrees, and the bottom chute is claimed to lean forward more than 60 degrees.

Third, the power switch should be added outside the control box of the centrifuge instead of using the control button.

The installation of the agitator.

First, the agitator should be installed on the circulation jars vertically, and the height between blade and tank bottom should be 25 to 30 centimeters.

Second, the shield of agitator and fixed bearing should be reliable.

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