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Knowledge Introductions for Using Vacuum Degasser

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Reading what we introduce here, I hope you can use vacuum gasser correctly when you need it.

Nowadays, we will use vacuum degasser in a lot of industrial productions and vacuum gasser does play a significant role in many fields. But do you know the related knowledge of vacuum degasser? Do you know why we use that technology?

When you should choose to use vacuum degasser machine?

When there are many branches in the system and the liquid flowing velocity in the branch pipe is low, for which the free gas will be in accumulation in the pipeline and be difficult to liquid away which will cause air resistance. But if the liquid is absorbent and unsaturated liquid, then the gas will be gradually absorbed and disappeared. Now is the time where vacuum should be applied.

Using series connected type online degassing device, relying on the small changes in temperature heating and cooling process, can only remove a small amount of gas. However, the vacuum degassing machine does not need to work relying on the change of the temperature of liquid. So, when the series degassing equipment type can’t reach the effects required because of some practical reasons, you can choose to use the vacuum degasser and install it anywhere needed in the system.

The way that vacuum degasser degassing is pour part of the liquid in the system in a vacuum environment, so that the gas dissolved in the liquid in inlet steam valves will be released and separated from the system. After that, the degassing and absorbent liquid will be injected back into the system to join in the circulation. They will absorb the free gas in the system for which the system will achieve balance again. This process moves in circles, after several times almost all of the gas in the system is released away. When there is no longer any gas in the system, all the liquid in the whole system is in unsaturated state. All the problems mentioned above would not arise anymore, and the previous trouble of decreasing flowing velocity and increasing pressure loss will not be trouble any more.

After reading the brief introductions of using the vacuum degasser, you can use it correctly and safely.

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