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Knowing About the Knowledge on Vacuum Degasser

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Now, it is quite common for us to see occasions where vacuum degasser is used. But how much do you really know about the vacuum gassers are using now? Do you know how we can rationally and effectively operate it?

The working principle of vacuum degasser : it is according to Henry's law, that is in a certain temperature and pressure condition, just a certain amount of gas can dissolved into the water. And as the temperature increase or the pressure lowers, the amount of gas dissolved in water will decrease; otherwise, when the temperature decreases or the pressure increases, dissolved gas in water will increase.

Characteristics of vacuum degasser: there are a variety of functions that keep the system of liquid in the best condition; intelligent control, automatic degassing, automatic replenishment system, stable pressure, prevent frequent starting water system; can be comprehensively used with all common water system; integrated design, simple and beautiful appearance, installation and operation are convenient, which is also called as PNP(plug and play); energy saving, costs reducing, with an intelligent maintenance control system which will start only the equipment when it’s necessary. Vacuum degasser runs daily operation according to the preset degassing program.

Two stages of degassing

1. The inlet stage: system liquid goes through the solenoid valve into the degassing tank. Then, all of the gas in the liquid will be released and be separated with the system with from deflation valve in the top of the tank.

2. Vacuum pumping stage: when the water inlet electromagnetic valve is closed, the process of vacuum pump begins. Vertical multistage pump will continually vacuum inside the tank to make the state of negative pressure, so that the gas dissolved can be released. The released gas gathers on the top of the tank and discharged through the automatic valve. Now, the water inlet electromagnetic valve opened again and new liquid goes into the tank. Those absorbent liquid without gas is injected back into the system to participate in the circulation and absorb the gas existing in the system. When the liquid degassed again, the new into the gas is also evacuated.

The content above is related introduce of working principle of vacuum degasser and its characteristics. Hope that we can give you a better understanding of the vacuum degasser and you can use vacuum degassing machine efficiently.

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