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Know About Vacuum Degasser Working Principle

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Before we know vacuum degasser working principle, we must know that in heating and central air conditioning water systems, there are a lot of gas, including large bubbles, micro air bubble and gas dissolved in the water. They are produced due to the temperature difference between day and night, the opening of valve and pump, and the process that the water goes through the circulating pump; Dissolved gas exist due to the system static pressure reason. There are two traditional methods to solve the gas, one kind is to place a vent valve at the end of the end and the riser of the radiator, the other is guarantee level pipe has a certain slope in the process of construction. But the two methods can only removing the big bubbles in the water system, but has no no removal effect to a large number of micro bubbles and dissolved gas, and the oxidation corrosion of the two gases is one of the most serious reason. This is why many domestic system equipment will cause serious corrosion problems after two years use.

Before we know vacuum degasser working principle,we must know that at present, there is an updated international degassing products - automatic vacuum degasser, it can thoroughly removing the big bubbles in the water system, micro air bubble and dissolved gas, can well solve the gas resistance, pump cavitation and oxidation corrosion problems in the system, can greatly reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and replacement, at the same time can improve the efficiency of heat transfer in the system, significantly reduce the energy consumption about 5% 10%.

This year, we adopted the new technology in the gas boiler house design and obtained obvious effect and user's praise.We will have a brief introduction of the vacuum degasser working principle, characteristics and some matters we need to pay attention to in design process to provide reference for the peers.

A, the vacuum degasser working principle

It is to pull out part of the circulation pump water to water tank to vacuum degassing. According to Henry's law, under the vacuum condition, this part of the gas will be separated completely from the water; the separated gas will come off from the relief port. The absorption water will be injected back into the system, this part with high absorption properties of the unsaturated water, in order to get a balanced gas water solubility, it will absorb the balance gas in the system to make balance again. Vacuum degasser will repeat every 30 seconds, thus, the free gas and dissolved gas in the water in this cycle will be ruled out.

Second, the characteristics of the vacuum degasser

1. It is suitable for any water cycle system, such as high heating and refrigeration system, district heating system, industrial water cycle system, etc.

2. It has advantages of small volume, convenient installation, safety use.

3. It can eliminate air resistance, air hammer and "red water" phenomenon of the circulation system, so it can improve the working efficiency of the system.

4. It can effectively remove the air in the system, the removal rate can reach 99%, which can effectively prevent chemical oxidation corrosion of the equipment in the system, greatly extend the service life of equipment and pipeline and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment.

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