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Know About Drilling Equipment Vacuum Degasser

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To know what vacuum degasser is, we must know that it is well known that heating and cooling water circulation system will inevitably exist some air, the source is the system filling water and pipeline leaks.

This part of the gas in the system can exist in three forms: the first form, the gas accumulated in the form of air in the system at high or local high spot, such as pipeline to the corner, the top of heat exchanger, radiator or fan coil units, and so on. The second form, the gas in the form of free air bubbles move along with the water circulation system. The third form, the dissolved gas in water, and water sports. Of the above three kinds of gas, the first and second kind of gas are free gas, and the third is dissolved gas, they will keep mutual transformation among the three forms. But without external conditions change, the various forms of quantity will be relatively stable.

To know what is vacuum degasser, we must know that water of air will bring many adverse effects to heating and cooling water circulation system, the accumulated gas will produce gas resistance, causing system resistance unbalanced, also, there will be noise and cavitation, these problems will reduce the pump lift and efficiency effectively, reduce the service life of equipment and pipe network. The bubbles accompanied on the surface of heat exchanger can reduce its heat transfer efficiency, air resistance can cause system debugging is difficult, and we often need manually exhaust during operation. Oxygen in the system can cause oxygen corrosion. Corrosion results in the decrease of the service life of the system, which can directly affects the safety of the whole system.

Its strong degassing capacity can ensure us removal free gas in the system is removed safety quickly, making the system to run safely and reliably.

Relevant experts and scholars at home and abroad after the discussion of corrosion mechanism of steel radiators for many years, they calculated that: from the corrosion situation analysis, the oxidation corrosion and corrosion of oxygen concentration (such as, water corrosion, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion under the scale corrosion) is the main reason for corrosion of steel radiator and perforation.

Currently for heating and cooling water circulation vacuum degasser in our country, except for a few large specification system has got rid of oxygen, most systems did not take the vacuum degasser measures, but rather by controlling the slope pipeline installation and setting up the automatic exhaust valve at the top, etc. Although these measures can play a role, but it cannot fundamentally solve the problem, but cause a lot of unmoral system operations, affecting the heating or cooling effect the same time, because of water contains air, so we can see corrosion of steel radiator, perforation leakage phenomenon occurred in great quantities, which can directly affect the safety of the whole system. Radiator manufacturer had to spend a lot of manpower material resources to do the inner anti-corrosion; even so, its antiseptic effect is still not satisfied. And in Europe, the water quality control is very strict, without inner anti-corrosion of steel radiator, there is almost no corrosion leakage problem happens. Therefore, take online degassing oxygen measures to active protection system, is a good way.

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