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Know About Centrifuge Pump

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One of centrifugal pump professionals tips is in the process of high speed, the movement caused by the centrifugal force making the solid material suspended in the liquid precipitation, larger objects with big weight or volume of the suspension fluid will move towards the direction of the largest turn radius, and the smaller objects with small weight or volume will deposit in the place of the smallest turn radius.

One of centrifugal pump professional tips is the above we mentioned the concept of the centrifugal force. Centrifugal pump is a vacuum degasser to generate centrifugal force, centrifugal force is related to the rotor radius, speed and quality of samples: namely F=Rmω2 (F: centrifugal force, R: radius, m: sample quality, to: speed), centrifugal force is one of the most important parameters to measure centrifugal pump, is also one of the difference of the centrifugal pump class standard, when the centrifugal pump leave the factory it will be given the largest centrifugal force.

As we all know, the radius of the rotor and the sample quality is invariable during operation, we can only control rotate speed, so we tend to use speed to describe a centrifugal pump. Such as: high-speed centrifugal pump, high-speed centrifugal pump.

One of centrifugal pump professionals tips is there are many different kinds of centrifugal pumps, we are used to classify it from the following several aspects: according to the size of the rotational speed it can be divided into: low speed centrifugal pump, high-speed, super high-speed centrifuge; according to the requirements of the temperature it can be divided into: ordinary centrifugal pump and refrigerated centrifugal pump; according to the different of the rotor it can be divided into: horizontal centrifugal pump and angle centrifuge; according to the size of the centrifuge it can also be divided into: floor centrifuges, centrifuge table centrifuge, handheld centrifugal pump; according to the grade of the centrifuge it can also be divided into ordinary centrifuge and precision centrifugal pump. Ordinary centrifuge has not many function, it is not accurate in terms of speed and capacity, such as: an ordinary centrifugal pump maximum speed is 5000 r/min, but the actual speed but can't reach 5000 r/min.

The centrifugal pump is only suitable for ordinary centrifugal work, such as: separation of serum, concentrated urine.

One of centrifugal pump professionals tips is precision centrifugal pump has many functions, rotating speed and capacity are accurate, it is suitable for some experiments that needs higher requirements of centrifugal pump, such as: the PCR separation experiment, blood component (more for blood stations), etc. When choosing ordinary centrifugal pump, according to the size of the workload, we should choose mainly from two aspects of speed and capacity.

Today we will talk about the problem we should pay attention to when choose and buy centrifugal pumps : (1) speed: according to maximum speed centrifugal pump it can be divided into low speed centrifugal pump (< 1 0000 RPM/min), high-speed centrifugal pump (1 a 30000 RPM to 0000 RPM/min/min), ultra high speed centrifugal pump (> 30000 RPM/min), each centrifugal pump has rated maximum speed, maximum speed refers to the speed under the condition of no-load speed, but the maximum speed differs according to the type of the rotor and the size of the sample quality.

(2)Temperature: some samples (such as protein, cells, etc.) under the environment of high temperature it will damage, this needs us to choose refrigerated centrifugal pump, refrigerated centrifugal pump has rated temperature range.

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