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Introduction to Pump and Shear Pump

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What is pump? What is shear pump ? What’s their uses? Are they the same with each other?

These questions are probably difficult for common people who are not familiar with this area. However, next several paragraphs are some knowledge about shear and shear pump; in other words, they are shear pump experts tips.

From the scope of the performance of the pump, giant pump flow rate can reach more than hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, and the micro pump flow per hour in a few ml of the following; The pressure of the shear pump can be up to 19.61 Mpa from atmospheric pressure to (more than 200 KGF/cm2); The lowest temperature of the liquid to be delivered - below 200 degrees Celsius, the highest can reach more than 800 degrees Celsius. Type of liquid pump is various, such as water (water, sewage, etc.), oil, acid alkali, suspension, and the liquid metal, etc.

In the department of chemical production, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are generally liquid, and the raw material, semi-finished products and finished products need to go through complex processes, pumping play in these processes for conveying liquid and provide the role of the pressure of the chemical reaction flow, in addition, also used in many gear pump to adjust temperature.

In the agricultural production, pump like shear pump is the main drainage and irrigation machinery. A vast in the rural areas, rural every year need a lot of pump, general agricultural pump more than half of the total pump production.

In the shipbuilding industry field, the shear pump which used in the ocean round in more than one hundred units, and at the same times its kinds also is varied.

In short, whether it is aircraft, rockets, tanks, submarines, or the drilling, mining, train, ship, or daily life, everywhere need to pump, everywhere, all the pump running. It is this, so the pump as general machinery, it is one of the main products in mechanical industry. And however, shear pump experts tips are indeed needed for people who want learn more about shear pump.

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