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Introduction of the Shale Shaker Tank

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The shale shaker tank adopts the way of the screen strip double staggered, which arranged two screen plates (each end is individual fixed on the two groups of screen) between the two adjoined screen strips. When the shale shaker tank vibrates from upper place to lower place, the different screen strips fixed on different screen fixing board generate relative motion because of staggered motion between the fixed end and the free end, in order to achieve the effect that the materials in the whole screen exterior vibrate uniformly. It can well solve the problem that the screen slot is blocked easily at the fixed end. This structure of the shale shaker tank can make the amplitude the same on the exterior of the screen, which can greatly improve the sieving efficiency.

The shale shaker work at the high frequency, therefore sieve frame will support not only the weight of screening material, but also large sieving force. In this situation the screen frame structure should be firm. It should have adequate intensity and adequate frigidity. In this way the screen frame would not be out of shape and damaged. This issue is particularly important for the shale shaker with large area.

In general, drilling mud systems include shale shaker tank and storage tank. The shale shaker tank is equal to the processing tank or recycling tank in different systems. There is shale shaker on the first tank for first period solids control processing. In addition, the shale shaker tank will be designed according to processing capacity of mud system and individual requirement on size. The shale shaker tank will generally have three compartments, which also can be called tanks. There are two plates hold different height to independent tank in three compartments.

We must guarantee the mud level to attain a qualified standard, which can avoid desilter pump, mud pump and any equipment becoming dry. As is known to everyone, the drilling mud will be treated by shale shaker in mud system, and the clean mud will fall into the shale shaker tank.

Then the mud will be pumped by the first centrifugal pump to desander pump. In this step the particles sized 47-76microns will be separated out. The second cleaner mud will fall into desander compartment. Finally, the second centrigual pump delivers the mud to desilter pump. The largest particles will be 15microns after it is processed.

The shale shaker tank can be devised agilely. Different clients will have different requirement about the capacity of tank. If the costumer requires more clean mud stored by clean mud compartment, I advise you to make diagonal compartment. It will make last compartment larger capacity.

The shale shaker tank can be produced according to various demands. The drilling mud devices and systems also can be made to order. Since different drilling mud needs different circumstance and conditions, there will be relevant mud system structures and designed matching well drillings.

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