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Introduction of the Drilling Equipment Working Principle

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The drilling equipment like the sea drilling equipment and under water drilling equipment are all the equipment to drill the fossil oil or other mineral materials. The drilling equipment working principle is not the same but has little difference. Following we will have a simple introduction of drilling equipment working principle with the example of the under water drilling equipment.

The core component of the under water drilling equipment is the underwater equipment. The underwater equipment could be divided into five components. Those five components are the opening of the well, the blowout preventers, the waterproof pipe system, the mud pipe system and the connection component. The opening of the well is connecting to the drilling plat, with the connection, kinds of drilling tools could be transfer under water, and the well drilling water could flow out and in the devices. The blowout preventers work to keep the pressure of the well with many pipes and the controlling system. Between the blowout preventers and the well opening is the liquid pressure connection machine. This machine works to stop the connection of the waterproof system under emergency circumstances. When the drilling well faced with severe situation out of control, it could help the plat form leave the well situation safely. The blowout preventers also works with many other kinds of pipes offering condition for the next steps such as drilling and the collection of the fossil oil in the sea. All those drilling equipment works together and help the drilling works.

The opening of the well is an important component of the mission pump which supports the blowout preventers in the drilling well and hangs the kinds of pipe when input concrete in the well. When the drilling equipment is drilling and mining, it helps the work with seal up of the pipe in different storey. It is constitutes of many components such as surface cover pipe and technical cover pipe. With all those pipes, it works to transfer cement and other materials under water with the remote control.

The blowout preventers are the core equipment of the drilling equipment which design for the closing of the well under pressure such as the sea. To make sure keep controlling of the well and suit kinds of environment, this kinds of drilling equipment has kinds of standard. When we do the drilling jobs, those different types should be prepared. Those different kinds of blowout preventers are called the BOP stack together. The blowout preventers should choose under consideration of the design of the drilling well as well as the environment of the situation. The controlling of the BOP stack needs suitable and efficiently controlling system.

The drilling equipment working principles are almost same. This introduction of the principle of underwater drilling equipment is a special and typical example of it. It works to drill the mineral and other resources with the blowout preventers and the opening of the well under water. That underwater equipment will cooperate with the continent devices such as controlling system to compete the drilling work. If you have more questions about the drilling equipment, welcome to connect us.

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