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Introduction of Shale Shaker Screen Rubber

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The shale shaker screen rubber is a device working on the principle of rotating motion by using low powered motor. It separates most solid materials from solids and slurries, using multiple surfaces, inertial vibration that leads particles to pass through apertures in the screen or to travel across the screen surface in controlled pathways. The shale shaker screen rubber is a major part of shale shaker. The rubber can defend the screens of the shaker from metal impacting by absorbing the vibration, which is due to materials dropping on the screen. It also can help the shale shaker to maintain the screen cloth in place.

There are many types of sealing rubbers for shale shaker screen, such as shaker screen, GN Solids shaker screen, VSM shaker screen and many other shale shaker screen models. Different company could choose different screen rubber for shaker screen according to their various demands.

The shale shaker screen rubber has many functions. First of all, the sealing rubber between the screen and shaker deck can avoid dirty mud that isn’t handled permeates into mud system, which also avoid damaging the mud system of the shale shaker. Besides, it can decrease the bad influence of the shaker screen vibration and protect screen from intense vibration. Without the rubber, the shale shaker is easily damaged.

The shale shaker screen rubber is an important part in the shale shaker. What will happen if there isn’t sealing rubber? If there isn’t screen rubber or it is damaged, the screen frame will touch with shaker deck directly, which will be damaged in a very short time. The worse consequence is the dirty mud with many junks from well will fall into mud system directly. It needs the higher treating capacity of the next step’s equipment. Or maybe it can make damage to the next step’s machine, such as vacuum degasser or desilter . If the sealing of the rubber is not good enough, its anti-corrosion isn’t very good. Therefore the rubber will be broken easily by the high temperature drilling mud with much sand and the shaker screen will be damaged very quickly. Dirty mud with many sand and junks fall into the mud system from the shale shaker deck. It will have bad influence to the mud system. In conclusion, the shale shaker screen rubber is very important for the shale shaker.

The shale shaker screen rubber has many features. Its size is small and the weight is light, so it is very easy to fix and move. The mesh is easy to change and clean. The design is totally enclosed, so there is no dust pollution. Particles with different size are graded automatically, so it can operate automatically. The location of outlet can be adjusted to anywhere you need. It is very easy to form the producing line. Its depletion and noise are low, so it can protect the environment and save energy. The amplitude and the material motion can be regulated. It can stop the mesh from blocking by the sand under the mesh.

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