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Introduction of Different Desander Usages

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Generally speaking, the operation system of the desander is placed on the tank. In order to ensure that the materials fluid can be sent into the tank successfully, the height and size of the storage tank of desander should be adjusted according to standard packing instruction. At the same time, users ought to determine the amount of materials. Of course, the desander of different structures will have different volume requirements. Usually we should operate strictly according to the major requirements about the solid control equipment for we can maintain the quality of desander and use it for a long time.

In terms of the desander usages, they mainly focus on some industrial sectors like oil, sand and water. When you install a desander, usually there are no too much needs for the working environment. What is important is the angle and column of the equipment. Before you start the desander, you should maintain the temperature of the cavity at the same time. Otherwise, the machine will not achieve the standard balance. Desander’s inlet area should be equipped with a filter to prevent particles from entering into the pump to avoid some dangerous cases. On the other hand, you need to keep water supply in the working process. And you can also observe the scale parameters of desander and match the correct rate at first. And then you should open the water separator to ensure the equipment filled with enough water.

The desander is often used to deal with drilling fluid which seems the basic function of solid control equipment. It consists of impeller, adjusting system, pressure gauge and so on. According to the relevant parameters, the equipment can also be divided into different kinds. Sometimes it is also combined with many various systems which act as different roles.

In addition to the application aspects, we ought to pay attention to the environmental protection problems of desander in the process of removing impurities of materials. Because this solid control equipment is always used outside like the village field environment, in the process of oil resources desander process, we should strictly protect the ecological environment which is surely a basic requirement to the key to enterprises for legal right. As it goes that the business of the business is business.

The solid control equipment’s maintenance work is also vital. For example, in winter you should better clean the mud which is still in the desander after you complete your work. And then you can’t leave it outside especially the cold weather. You can also take some effective heat preservation measures for the desander to avoid the case where the desander is frozen without the solid control equipment’s normal use. What we should focus on is that operating rules must be strictly abided and the illegal operation and other illegal construction phenomena must be prohibited.

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