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Introduction of Derrick Screen and Solid Control System

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Our company is a world famous screening machinery manufacturing and research and development enterprise. Our brand is as famous as brant screen. Our company set up in 1951 and its high frequency wet and dry inspection equipment is the product which worldwide recognized with high capacity and excellent separation efficiency. In dry sieving (dewatering screen and linear vibrating screen), wet sieving, vibrating motor, screen (polyurethane screen) and such kind of fields and products, what’s more, our company has great creativity. Also, we have developed a series of high-frequency shaker and low-speed vibrator shaker machine, as well as high-speed vibration test sieve. There are two kinds of representative products, such as mongoose pt screen (high-frequency vibrating fine screen) and high-strength wear-resistant polyurethane screen. Our company has solved the hardest problem of fine screening and separation for the worldwide industries, such as mining, manufacturing and chemical industries. Therefore, our company owns a great honor and a high status in these industries.

Petroleum solid control system, also called mud purification system, is mainly for oil drilling fluid solids control separation. It can make the drilling fluid recycling use and applies to two thousand meters to seven thousand meters oil well drilling. Petroleum solid control system consists of three to seven modular combination tanks, including purification tank. The bottom of purification tank using the new cone bottom structure and its edge applied to the slurry mixing system which can make the sand not easy to sink. In order to satisfy the needs of drilling, during the whole recycling system, the door between the tank and tank, or the bin and bin both can be opened or closed. Shaker, sand and silt cleaner, vacuum degasser and stirrer are the equipments in the recycle system. The usage of new oil and slurry drilling purification system not only reduce the discharge of slurry but also protect the environment.

In other words, solid control system is used to deal with the separation of mud, sand and other particles in drilling fluid, to maintain the performance of drilling fluid and to store the recycled drilling fluid. This kind of system usually works together with increased mixing device, infusion device and chemical filling device. Petroleum solid control system is designed for improving the physical and chemical properties of the drilling fluid in order to meet the needs of the drilling work.

Foreign solid control equipment is in good performance, stable work and long life. What’s more, they have already realized the standardization, customization and specialization of equipment. Brandt, Swaco and Derrick these three American brands are the famous company in solid control system industry. Both quality and performance are at the top of the world. Foreign experts will pay special attention on the optimization and efficiency evaluation device configuration. In addition, an expert system for drilling solid control is developed. Therefore, it is a good idea for a purchaser to buy foreign brands mentioned above solid control system due to their professional and high quality.

There are many ways on purchasing a solid control system and buying through an import and export company maybe a wise choice. Since the company will help you to select high quality product in a reasonable price, you can only choose the type which you need or what you want. In this way, it not only can save money but also save the time.

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