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Introduction About Mud Gun

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In the modern industries, nothing is more important than the energy such as oil, gas, coal and the like. The demand for fossil energy has become more and more strong and urgent. With the development of technology, people have invented a series of machines called the solid control system to process the mixed drilling fluids. As we know, recycling the drilling fluids is a common procedure in the most mining site because of the high price of drilling fluids. Normally, the drilling fluids are a kind of chemical liquids which will be pumped into underground for many reasons. First, the drilling equipment can lubricate the drilling bit and control the temperature. Besides, the drilling fluids can also convey many drilling cuttings out of the borehole. Thus, pumping drilling fluids can apparently prolong the service span of the drilling devices and lower the mining cost. However, the mixed mining fluids with many cuttings will be processed by the mud agitator firstly. As a result, the big size solids will be removed and the residual fluids will continue to face the further disposition.

Mud agitator has some strong impellers which can stir the drilling fluids. The good performance of mud agitator can ensure that all the solids in the mixed fluids can be suspended uniformly, which can significantly improve the efficiency of sequent processing. In fact, in order to maximize the stirring effect people also install a special instrument called mud gun . Anyway, the main mud guns functions are to suspend the solids in mud tank. The impellers are installed in the middle of the bottom while the mud guns are installed in the corner of the bottom. By installing mud gun, we can completely suspend the solids in the drilling fluids without dead angle. Impellers and mud gun can better prevent the occurrence of precipitation. Installing how many mud guns depends on the specifications of mud agitator you are using and the how much power you can support. Additionally, mud gun can also help to protect the mud tank by flush the solids in the fluids. Moreover, with the help of mud gun, the pressure of impellers can decrease largely, which can definitely prolong the working life of impellers. The structure of mud gun isn’t complex. Besides, it’s easy to operate and maintain. It’s also can be fixed and replaced easily. Mud gun doesn’t occupy so much space, meaning that it’s easy to transfer and install.

To sum up, mud gun is a practical solution with low cost to improve obviously the processing effect of solid control system. Generally speaking, mud gun is used with mud agitator. By installing some mud guns in your mud tank, you can not only achieve the better disposition effect, but also prolong the working life of impellers, which can help to control the maintaining cost of devices.

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