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Instruction of Solid Control System

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Solid control system is a crucial phase of the drilling procedure. An effective one renders viscosity and density to the required level and therefore increases the lifespan of the drilling. Usually a solid control system contains five parts, shaker, hydro cyclone, mixing, pump and compartmentalized tank technologies. If one of them is installed inappropriately, it will bring negative effect to the drilling process. It is important to install the system rightly and the following are instruction about the installation.

First of all, shaker. The Shaker is grave to the whole solid control system and it is considered as the first line of defense. It plays the role of removing solid from drilling fluid when the mud passes over the screen. The screen can be used alone or combined with another two or more screen to form a slurry influx pipe according to your requirements. Screen cloth is an expensive part of the system and its installation will directly influence its service life. After finish the installation of the screen cloth, regulate dip angle of screen box. The most suitable dip angel is one that can prevent slurring from escaping and you should pay attention to the oil return valve of the centrifugal pump , screw it down firstly and tightly when adjusting the angle.

The next one is hydro cyclone. Hydrocyclones are some easy and simple device to speed up the settling process. Firstly, connect the hydrocyclone vertically with the vertically with a underflow chamber. You must pay special attention to the flow direction on this step. It is necessary to check whether the actual flow rate is within recommended rate since inadequate flow rate will influence its performance. Apart from hydro cyclone, centrifuge is also designed to expedite the settling process. It is a miniature settling pit and much more complex than the hydro cyclone.

Same as other parts,, mud mixer should also be install correctly to obtain the perfect working performance. On the base of the onsite environment, make the groundsill level aside or face the slurry tank. The groundsill and the slurry tank should be even at the same time. After placing the unit at the position, connect the inlet of the pump to the tank body and then connect mixer to the inlet of the tank with pipe. After the installation, turn on the power and check the rotation direction.

These are some important tips for the installation of solid control system. To make it work effective, several steps should not be ignored. For example, make sure the hydraulic pressure is balance; make a scalp cut and a fine cut and last but not least, ample drilling fluid mixing and enough re-circulating capacity. It would be better to use a mesh screen which is as small as possible. Bear in mind that an effective solid control system is under your responsible installation and maintenance. By following the above step, you are now capable of installing a solid control system.

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