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Install Using Method of Decanter Centrifuge

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1. First, check Foundation of profile size, and the reserved empty of Center size; Foundation outside type Decanter centrifuge should in ± 20mm range within, the reserved empty of Center size deviation should within 10mm; based dash, to main plant building basis points or boiler aspect ratio center line for benchmark, measuring have based aspect ratio main center line deviation should in ± 10mm, center line distance deviation should for ± 3mm, based elevation should within ± 5mm.

2. Chisel flat Foundation, placed anchor bolt, and layout pad iron, pad iron Group General for 2 flat 1 oblique 3 pays pad iron, thick of down surface, oblique iron used in pairs; and out machine box about 20mm; it should be consolidated, and no loose; pad iron should placed in equipment main by force Taiwan Board, and machine box state gluten Department or anchor bolt sides, you have to near the anchor bolt hole under the condition that you will not affect the second time grouting.

3. Decanter centrifuge casing bottom half course positioning: Please note that manufacturers install tag, usually "a", "b" members, one seat taken to distinguish prior relationship with import and export air ducts.

4. Collector trumpet inserts with wire fixation in impeller will rotate as a whole set of hanging into position; installation of anchor bolts, bolts of curvature ≤ (l for the length of the anchor bolt), bolt should not contact the hole in wall at the bottom. Should force of anchor bolts, and bolts evenly exposed 2~3 buckles and release the lower part of the wire collector and chassis bolted to the lower section preliminary adjustment of impeller clearance with the trumpet.

5. Wind machine turned group leveling, and found are: Fan vertical degree between shaft and bearing adopts the following method: will magnetic block posted in spindle, will hundred points table head points to bearing outer ring or bearing block play bit end surface(both top cover processing surface); at this time rotating 518 centrifuge a week above its hands readings not is greater than 0.15mm is ok, this read numerical for the bearing block and spindle of vertical situation.

6. Motor leveling, alignment: you should know adjust the fan and the motor spindle concentricity (leveling coupling alignment). Three indicators are used, two blocks, axial radial; per km driven shaft 90 degree, record data, measurements above and below its readings, adjust the concentricity, making it error ≤ 0.05mm and 10MM gap between the two back wheels. After being found, review the parts such as shaft Center height data and taking note.

7. After being found in the fan, half of the tab on the decanter centrifuge chassis cover, collector and decanter centrifuge in place, it should be fitted between the two chassis asbestos rope tighten the attachment bolts, and four side bolts should be uniform with impeller as benchmarks, once again adjust the impeller gap with trumpet.

8.Installed intake box, and entrance regulation retaining door and wind machine remaining part, regulation bezel turned flexible, or should plus lubricant turned, and until turned flexible party can installed; when installed leaves Board, it should be fixed solid, and the decanter centrifuge shell has full of expansion clearance; Regulation operation device should flexible correctly, action consistent, and opened degrees indicates mark and actual match; you’d better pay attention to the opened direction, not loaded anti-direction, the intake direction and impeller rotating direction should be same.

9. Cooling down the water, and lubrication piping arrangement should be consistent with the drawings, layout correct, beautiful, and piping there shall be no debris.

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