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Innovation Create Market

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Crude oil is an important raw material, spot crude oil average price increases in the last 10 years. In particular, since the beginning of 2007, crude oil prices have risen faster in March this year above $ 110 a barrel. Persistently high oil prices brought oil and gas exploration and exploitation activities increase. 1998 to 2007 years, investment in fixed assets increased China's oil and gas industry, and growth every year.

The international competition

Over more than 100 countries and regions in the world are engaged in oil and gas exploration and extraction, but only over more than 20 countries are able to manufacture of oil drilling equipment. United States, Russia, China and Romania, only a few national competition ability, be able to produce higher skill levels, better quality oil (gas) exploration and exploitation of oil drilling equipment sets needed products.

For land drilling rigs, United States and Chinese Petroleum Machinery Company is a market-led, as well as Germany, and Romania and Russia's small manufacturing companies. United States oil rig of years production capacity in 400~500 Taiwan around, products export to world more than 50 multiple national and area; Russia (including original Soviet of other members) oil rig annual in 200 Taiwan around, main for domestic using; Romania of oil machinery manufacturing history more short, and my basic same, but development soon, can annual series of land and marine exploration mining oil rig more than 100 more Taiwan, except use outside, also to 21 a national export, Petroleum machinery became Romania's main industry. Manufacturing of drilling rig late in production history in China, started too late to rig manufacturing abroad, but after so many years of development, the rapid expansion of production capacity, technological level is also rising, at present annual output of rig capacity 200 units, accounting for one-third of the world. Now that rig manufacturing level in China ahead of Russia, level with advanced Western manufacturers, but low cost 20%~25%.

United States Nov is the world's largest drilling rigs and drilling equipment manufacturing companies, products and services global drilling contractor; apart from the outside, in Canada, the U.A.E., and Norway , the Netherlands and China to set up manufacturing enterprises. Nov share an absolute monopoly of the drilling equipment, 2005 sales revenue of 2.259 billion dollars. In 2001, the company joint venture with group NOV National Oil well Varco engineering company in Lanzhou, State land drilling and work over drilling equipment.

Domestic competition

Petroleum machinery industry in China started late, but growing rapidly. Domestic importers of oil drilling equipment are mainly from the United States and Romania and other countries to import equipment. For example, the United States Derrick stack sizer . Now, China has formed a concentration of petroleum machinery manufacturing base, such as Lanzhou, Baoji, Nanyang, Guanghan and other drilling equipment bases, in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Wuhan-dominated oil base, dominated by Jinan dedicated diesel engine oil rig manufacturing base and the relative concentration of production equipment all over the country, the North-East base.

According to the network's statistics, income for 2006 top ten enterprises of oil drilling equipment are companies such as Honghua, Baoshi, Lanshi is respectively. Top ten stone income statistics, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises account for a large proportion, three subsidiaries of the oil system does not have the edge. Honghua, Molong was going to be private enterprises, as listed in Hong Kong, the introduction of strategic investors as foreign-funded enterprises. Visible strength of domestic private petroleum machinery enterprises is still strong and the development is fast.

Many oil drilling equipment, including products, including drilling equipment (drills, power equipment, drill, etc), oil extraction equipment (pumping units, sucker rod, pump, tubing, casing, oil-water separation equipment, wellhead, etc.), and underground working equipment (Work over, cementing fracturing equipment and so on), oil, vehicles and petroleum steel pipe and so on. Different products can be further subdivided according to certain criteria. Drill press using the site can be divided into land drilling rigs and offshore drilling rigs; driven by mode of transmission can be divided into mechanical, electric and hybrid drives, and so on.

Rig is a mainstream on behalf of oil drilling equipment. Because drilling equipment includes product lots, it is difficult to supply and demand analyses for each product but well representative of the rig is drilling equipment. On one hand, drill unit value is generally larger, higher proportion of oil drilling equipment, on the other hand, ahead of drilling rig is drilling equipment products, deep shades of the size of the number of active drilling rigs, drilling and oil production equipment, downhole equipment other drilling equipment needs are closely related.

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