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Informations of Centrifugal Pump

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The performance of the centrifuge is inertia. Water droplets on the umbrella, for example, when the umbrellas turning slowly, water droplets will turn follow the umbrella, this is because the friction force between the droplets and the umbrella, which is the centripetal force of water droplets. But if the umbrella rotation speeds up, the friction force is not enough to make the droplets do circular motion on the umbrella, then the water will be separated from the umbrella to the outer edge. Like to use a rope to pull the rocks do circular motion, if it rotates too fast, the rope will disconnect, stones will fly out. This is what we called centrifuge.

Balanced elliptical shale shaker features are according to this principle. High-speed rotation of the impeller blades driven the water rotate, the water will be thrown, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying.

Balanced elliptical shaker has many kinds. In use they can be divided into civil and industrial shakers, from the medium they can be divided into fresh water shakers, impurity shakers, corrosion-resistant shakers, etc.

The kinds of balanced elliptical shakers are many, but the principle is the same, structures are very much the same. Its main working parts are rotating impeller and stationary pump shell. Impeller centrifugal pump features is a power component that directly work on fluid, there are several curved blade on it, which can generally be divided for 4 ~ 8 pieces. When centrifugal pump is working, the impeller will do high speed rotation driven by a motor (1000 ~ 3000 r/min), forcing the liquid also makes rotation movement between blade. At the same time, because of the action of centrifugal force, the liquid will be driven by the impeller center for radial motion to the outer edge. Liquid in the process can gain energy flows through the impeller motion, and leave the impeller outer edge at high speed into the volute pump shell.

In the volute, due to the widening of flow, the speed of water will slow down, the part of the kinetic energy is converted to static pressure to achieve high pressure, and finally along the tangential inflow it will flow out of pipeline. In the center of the liquid forced by the impeller of the outside to flow at the same time, it will form a vacuum in the center of the impeller. Pump suction pipe at one end and the impeller center are interlinked, another end is submerged in the transportation of liquid, the liquid surface pressure (often for atmospheric pressure) and pump pressure under the action of the differential pressure (pressure), the liquid will go into the pump through the suction pipe. As long as the rotation of the impeller, suction and discharge liquid movement of balanced elliptical shakers will not stop. Thus we know centrifugal pump is heavily dependent on centrifugal force made by high speed rotating centrifugal pump impeller to transmit fluid, therefore centrifugal pump.

Before the balanced elliptical shaker starts, if there are not full of liquid, the air is inside the pump, because the air density is small, so the centrifugal force is very small. Vacuum formed by the suction at the entrance is not enough to suck the liquid. Although we start centrifugal pump, but it can't conveying liquid, this phenomenon is called "gas problem". So before starting the centrifugal pump we should know centrifugal pump features and filled it with liquid inside, at the bottom of the suction pipe installation we should install filter.

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