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Information on How to Repair Decanter Centrifuge

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In the process of production, with the dehydration, clarification, concentration and different technological requirements, such as grading, separation device has become one of the key solid control system . How to repair Decanter centrifuge has become a useful knowledge. Centrifuge compared with other separation machinery, not only can get a low moisture content of solid phase and high purity of liquid phase, and it has small volume, good sealing, continuous running, automatic remote control etc, and therefore is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, light industry, medicine, food and other industries. Believe that the following information can help customer better repair Decanter centrifuge.

In recent years, with the development of China's coal industry, coal washing and processing industry has made great progress. The national coal washing ability constantly improve, currently about 32% of raw coal into the wash. In order to meet the needs of domestic market and exports at the same time, also put forward higher requirements about the quality of the plant. So solid control equipment becomes today's coal preparation plant is an urgent need to solve the problem. If failure occurs, you have to know how to repair a Decanter centrifuge.

In understanding repair decanter centrifuge , first take a look at structure. Horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge drum and spiral feeder at a certain differential rotate together to a higher speed (through gear differential complete), introduced by feeding tube continuous material transporting rotating inner cylinder, accelerated after the drum, under the effect of centrifugal force field. Clear structure can help understand the repair Decanter centrifuge.

After horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge putting-in-service proactively, able to meet the needs of subsequent process load, continuous extrusion machine provide water content is not more than 35% of the powder. Want to know the repair Decanter centrifuge, must know the problems first. But in a centrifuge to run a few years later, they gradually exposed part of the problem, because the centrifuge for dehydration after solid phase from the ABS powder water content is greater than 35%, adverse impact on the quality of product. To repair Decanter centrifuge, ensure the smooth progress of production, workshop in the following respects of centrifuge repeated maintenance and modification. Reformation has obvious effect, thoroughly changed the production caused by centrifuge dewatering well passive situation.

When you repair Decanter centrifuge, you should find screw conveyor screw blade, serious wear overall, repair of difficult and high cost of repair, unfavorable use this way. Screw conveyor removed, check found at the bottom of the screw conveyor and central shaft coupling with the outer drum and the center shaft coupling place, there is an adjustment, thickness of 16 mm. By now the clearance value and cone angle and the technical requirements for clearance value difference, calculation, adjust the thickness of gasket replacement for thicknesses; the whole move to the bottom of the cone, screw conveyor reduced the clearance between the outer drum and spiral conveyor.

If you can't repair Decanter centrifuge, you can also optimize transformation machine. The outside and inside of the outer drum end cover the outer drum, manufactured and installed water retaining ring, prevent centrifuge water by solid phase exports thrown, BAS separation caused by partial moisture content is too high. Because of the centrifuge separation efficiency is related to the temperature of the material, the higher the temperature the more separation so can't lower the temperature of the centrifuge imported materials. After the completion of the centrifuge, long running good, solid phase after dehydration is generally between 27% 27% moisture content. Filter cleaning by 2 days increased to 15 days, solid-phase export dumped water situation has been improved, guarantee for the subsequent production run smoothly, the modification effect is obvious. Now, even if you don't like repair Decanter centrifuge, also don't have to worry about the machine malfunction.

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