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Information of Desilter Parts

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Desilter parts are mainly composed of vibrating screen, tap manifold, the cyclone and other components, desilter is a level 3 solids control equipment used for drilling fluid solids control system of .Desilter and desander are important components of the solid control, its good or bad is a direct impact on the performance of drilling fluid, and further affect the quality of drilling engineering.With the development of drilling technology, drilling fluid solids control has become a direct impact on safety, high quality and reservoir protection of important factor.

The mud from the bottom to return to the ground in the course of drilling contains a large number of debris and sand, through the natural subsidence of slurry pool, because of the viscosity and specific gravity of slurry is larger, the solid phase particles can only slightly reduce. If we continue to use this kind of mud, it is bound to have some cuttings with mud and sand into the mud pump, down once again into the bottom hole, causing mud pump parts easy to be damaged and shorten the life of the drill. The penetration of drill decreases, drilling rate is reduced, a large number of debris damaged wall building properties of mud and sand and even cause a borehole collapse and sticking accidents.?

Correctly solids control can not only reservoir protection, reduce environmental pollution, reduce the cost of drilling fluid, and can improve drilling speed, extend the service life of drill bit, reduce equipment wear and tear, improve the service life of drilling parts fluid circulation system.

Site statistics show that in the range of the low density, drilling fluid solid content reduces by 1%, the rate of penetration in soft formation of penetration can be increased by 8% or so generally .When drilling fluid contains a large amount of 3 a 8 microns cuttings or finer colloid particles, it will seriously affect the drilling fluid viscosity, reduce the drilling rate.Furthermore cyclone cones with the feather of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance characteristics, they can be changed frequently, bring great inconvenience to the construction work, but also increase the cost. For deep Wells and ultra deep wells, because the underground oil, gas and water layer have in complicated cases, if you still to use the mud purification device, it would lower the mud weight making it easy to cause drilling engineering accidents.In order to keep the mud weight and other performance, mud desilter and desander are developed in order to solve this problem.

Desilter parts have high level of separation capacity, the separation particle size range is wide, vortex bottom exit show with pressurized umbrella "wet bottom" can make the separation of the particles discharge quickly, reduce the probability of bottom jams.Advanced desilter parts small two screen shale shaker can handle large quantity of mud with low noise, the screen mesh has a long service life.Symmetrical mechanism makes the liquid in vortex distribution is reasonable, desilter and desander are the ideal efficient cleaner equipment choice for drilling mud level 3 solid phase control.

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