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Information About Shaker Screen Classification

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While Shaker screens work, two counter-rotating exciter synchronous motors generate a reverse excitation force, forcing driven mesh screen to make longitudinal movement of materials on the subject to make it exciting periodically throwing a forward force range, thus complete the shaker screen materials screening operations, which are not only suitable for screening sand and gravel quarry, but also for coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical industries for product classification. Shaker screen working partly rely on material sliding along the face to get screening.

More applications of fixed grizzly screens are in a concentrator, before the pre-screening, generally use coarse and medium crushing. It is simple in structure for easy manufacturing. Not consume power, the ore can be directly discharged into the screen surface. The main disadvantage is the low productivity with high screening efficiency, generally only 50-60 %.

The working faces of shaker screen has consisting of a root, shaft with plates, fine material on the rollers or plates from the gap between the passes by scrolling horizontally arranged shaft. Bulk materials move from one end of the roller and discharge from the end. Concentrator rarely use this screen. Shaker cylindrical working portion is with the rotary screen around the cylinder axis, the axis of downloading into the general inclination. Matters are from the end of the cylinder to feed into the fine grade of material from the working surface through the cylindrical screen, coarse material is discharged from the other end of the cylinder.

Cylindrical screen speed is very low with steady work, good dynamic balance. But it is easy to plug the screen with low screening efficiency, small work area and low productivity. Concentrator rarely use it to make screening equipment. Shaker screen oscillating body is a flat or vibration.

Their flat plane trajectories are divided into linear motion, circular motion, elliptical motion and complex motion. Shaking screens and shakers are in this category. Shaker screen works while two motors synchronized reverses are placed so that the exciters generate reverse excitation force, forcing mesh screen driven longitudinal movements do so by exciting force on the material periodically thrown forward a range, thus complete the materials screening operations.

Shaking screen is crank linkage as Decanter centrifuge. The motor drives the eccentric shaft via a belt and pulley rotation by the rod so that the shaker screen body is reciprocated along a certain direction. Perpendiculars are to the direction of movement of the body pole or hanging rod centerline, because of the body of the swing movement, resulting in the screen surface of the material to a certain speed to move the discharge end, the materials at the same time get the screening.

Compared with the several screens, the productivity of the shaking screens are relatively high screening efficiency. The disadvantage of which is that the power balance very poor. Concentrators now rarely used it, and was replaced by a more rational structure shaker screen.

Derric Shaker

Waves vibrating screen meshes appear before unique wavy, installation can be a wedge clamping device Crochet or steel frame network. The effective area network up to the same flat screens are up to 125% to 150%, thus greatly improve the processing capacity. Plate vibrating screen is the most commonly used oil vibrating screens, which can be widely used in drilling operations under different conditions. Derric Shakers usually consist of 2-3 layers of stainless steel meshes in the openings of the cloth adhesive, which constitute the metal liner while the screens with special rubber stopper used to repair the damage, and which can effectively save time and reduce production costs.

Performance: acid, alkali, high temperature, tensile strength, wear resistance, the use of time up to 720 hours.

Purpose: Derric shaker accessories are for screening and solid-liquid slurry oil filtration under acid conditions.

Features: The main features of the oil shaker screen are in the process of screening filter mud acid, alkali, high temperature, tensile strength, wear resistance, the use of time up to 720 hours. The usage of which are of low cost, easy accessibility, catheters ( powder ) ratio, good flushing ( slag ) effect, long life and other characteristics.

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