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Improvement of Drilling Equipment

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Automatic jumbo is controlled by the electronic equipment operated pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. It installs the car in the excavation face automatically according to the drilling process of memory in advance to the point of mobile drill arm and determining the position of the hole. You can click the depth of borehole drilling. It meets the requirements and stops automatically. It quits, moves to the next drill point and rotates drill arm to start the homework. If using the automatic device, the direction of the position and rock drilling situation will arrange package into several groups. Besides, it only needs one worker to operate many sets of

drilling equipment . It can play its role in operations management and safety.

Large chisel car or digging a jumbo in the tunnel construction and rock cutting are dominant for construction instead of pneumatic rock drill. Hydraulic rock drill will take the place of pneumatic rock drill. Multi-functional jumbo will be in place of some shafts to help mechanical excavation and achieve multi-usage. In the progress of the automation is expected to mainly computer aided manual operation. Information age will be helpful to drill equipment development.

It is suggested for constructing a union of scientific research and production, and founding drilling rig assembly plants. In equipment of numerical control machine, the user can input drilling plan according to the rock condition preparation. If the reservation can not drill, drilling control mechanism can not immediately determine which is the a hole location, and automatically remove down a hole location. At the same time, via the guide frame by laser beam from the rear, it can correctly determine the position of the chisel rock car body and arms. In addition to the good performance than the automatic pallet for industry, improving the precision even a little bit down is to move the car body. Driving industry will not happen up and down and leave deviation. Automatic car compared with non automatic car can reduce over break in addition to lower costs. It can also improve the blasting effect and reduce the explosive load, as well as improving security.

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