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Important Mud Gun Experts Tips Are Given

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Large quantities of machines are created to instead of man-made manufacture, thanks to the quick development of the technology. Wise human beings are focus on more convenient machine rather than traditional craft at the meanwhile the consumption of the oil are crazily increasing thanks to the wide use of machines. However, the oil is stored underground by the nature and it is always mixture. So it is quite difficult to get pure oil and useful parts from the oil mixture. However, thanks to the wisdom of human beings, solid control system has been invented to accomplish the tough task.

Solid control system is aimed to control and separate the oil and the coal, which also can circularly utilize the oil liquid to achieve the green goal. There are several equipments to form the whole solid control system, such as sand silt cleaner, vacuum degasser and mixer. They are designer the separate gas and sand from the product and mix the product together. However, in the solid control system, the most important part is the mud gun and brant screen. Compared the brant screen which is used to select the useful part from the original oil in the last steps, the mud gun is widely used in the most forward steps.

The appearance of the Mud gun is quite similar to the rocket tube which is a power gun so that this equipment is named mud gun and mud gun experts tips you should know. The mud gun is widely used in the mixer of the solid control system. It always helps the mixer to stir the original oil and rotate its body part to wash the original oil. The mud gun is just like a soldier who is always brave enough to go into the mud and vigorously rotate to accomplish its mission. Without the mud gun, the worker could never homogenize the mixture of the oil and as a result, the separation in the following steps cannot be easy to achieve, just as the brant screen which cannot be ignored in the separation part. The mud gun enforces the solid particles in the original oil to suspend in the free liquid part and the oil liquid should be homogenized at last. The mud gun is usually equipped in the top of the jar, which is totally different from the brant screen. There are two types of the mud gun, high-pressure one and low- pressure one. The high pressure mud gun has a low displacement while high pressure. But the low pressure mud gun has low pressure and high displacement.

Thanks to the importance of the mud gun, workers should pay careful attention while using it:
Workers should keep the mud gun clean and avoid the mud to block the tips part of the mud gun. If the mud blocks the tips, the mud gun cannot work anymore and even worse, it could happens some incidence in the working process. This is the same as the Mud cleaner, which also should keep clean.
What’s more, workers should carefully to turn on the valve of the mud gun according to the density of the mud. The value of the valve is the determining factor of how exactly separation occurs.

The solid control system with the best mud gun and brant screen is your best choice. Choose it and you will never regret it.

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