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How to protect Decanter centrifuge

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In recent years, decanter centrifuge are more and more applied in sewage treatment plant sludge dewatering. The decanter centrifuge has features with good separation effect, high efficiency.  At the same time, its management and maintenance is simple and convenient to use. The decanter centrifuge has fully enclosed structure, which avoids drawbacks existing in the belt filter press, such as harsh field environments, big stink, large equipment volume, tedious routine maintenance and so on. So, the decanter centrifuge achieved good results in actual production. It is more sophisticated machinery and equipment. To make a good and stable operation and prolong its life, it is too necessary to protect decanter centrifuge.

We may be faced with a variety of fault. As a result, we should master various fault conditions in order to be ready to protect decanter centrifuge. The following lists the common problems and the workaround of how to protect decanter centrifuge.

Problem 1: Excessive vibration of the decanter centrifuge.
Situation 1: There may be debris into the drum, wrapped in a spiral, which caused an imbalance rotation. In this case, we should stop to check and clean.

Situation 2: Maybe there is failure in bearing. Then, we should be timely maintenance and exclusion. Certainly, this is relatively rare when protecting decanter centrifuge.

Situation 3: Maybe, base is loose or the motor drive belt is wear. When finding such cases, we shall promptly repair or replace the belt.

Situation 4: Spiral and the drum may be more solid deposition. Wash and clear it in order to protect decanter centrifuge.

Problem 2: Increased energy consumption and increased torque

Situation 1: If there is a sudden increase in energy consumption, this shows that the mud mouth of the decanter centrifuge is blocked. The mainly reason is that the set of the speed difference is too small, resulting in a large accumulation of solids in the machine. To solve this problem and protect desander from damage, we can increase the difference in rotational speed appropriately. If it continues to increase after adjustment, the decanter centrifuge should stop for inspection.

Situation 2: If energy consumption increased in one period, it indicates that there may be a serious wear and tear in screw conveyor. The decanter centrifuge should be promptly repaired or replaced.

Problem 3: Worn or broken in drive belt

Situation 1: Improper belt tension. Too tight will easily lead to fatigue of belt and accelerate the wear of the belt. Too loose will make belt easy to slip and wear, which may even cause breakage of the belt. For the case, we should take measures to protect decanter centrifuge. Check and adjust the tightness of the belt regularly. Tightness of the belt will change after a period of time to run. Regular adjustments help extend the life of the belt.

Situation 2: Overloaded. The belt will be in overloaded state mainly due to the high rate of solid materials or excessive treatment, which will result in breakage of the belt. If we encounter such a problem, we should adjust the decanter centrifuge processed material strictly on the basis of parameters required to make sure the decanter centrifuge is working in normal conditions.

There are many other faults. One can imagine that it's a difficult task to protect decanter centrifuge. Only by constantly learning and mastering fault conditions and solutions can we protect decanter centrifuge better.

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