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How to Use the Drilling Equipment Safely

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The full automatic drilling machine adopts electric power to drive. And because the drilling machine is always in full load working state and will be overloaded due to changeable soil texture which can be tested through stack sizer and improper operation. Therefore, it is necessary for the drilling equipment to have overload protection device. The drilling toll of the drilling machine consists of electromotor, reducer, drilling pipe as well as aiguilles. The whole unit of the drilling tool is hung over the drilling shelve. There are many kinds of drilling heads. When cutting the frozen earth, it is necessary to install alloy tool bit. In summer, it is possible to change hard manganese steel. There is a oriented needle on the tip of the drilling head, which has double threaded screws. It plays the function of leading and locating to prevent the pile hole being warped.

In addition, the rotating speed of the drilling equipment relates to the working efficiency. It is necessary to clean the blade ay any time to make sure the normal running of the full automatic drilling equipment. Similar to long spiral full automatic drilling equipment, screw blade of the short spiral full automatic drilling machine has only 2 meters welded on the bottom part, which is unable to send the drilling head to the ground like the long spiral. The short spiral full automatic drilling machine cuts and drills first. When the blades are full of earth, bring up the drilling rod together with the earth to discharge the earth. Therefore, it is intermittent working modes. The transmission mechanism of the short spiral full automatic drilling machine is on the bottom part, so it has low center of gravity, stable whole unit. In addition, the drilling rod of the short spiral full automatic drilling equipment is simple with rapid drilling rod spreading, which is beneficial to the transporting.

Well, how to use the drilling equipment safely?

1. Starting voltage drop should be less than the 10 % of the rated voltage, or it is necessary to increase the cross-section of conductor.

2. The insulation resistance of the electro mechanism should be larger than 0.5 ohm. If it is unable to reach the target, it is possible to dry first.

3. The degree of the skewness of the drilling equipment cannot exceed 1 % of the whole length. And the drilling rod over 10 cm is forbidden to connect on the ground and then lift to prevent the dead load from causing bending and deflecting.

4. The drilling equipment should be placed stably and solidly. If use wagon drill, it is possible to prepare the landing leg and set up tire.

5. After starting, it is better to place the operating rod to the proper gear and carry out idle operation. And operate it after checking.

6. Install the limit warning device on the drilling equipment. When the drilling equipment gives out spacing warning signal, it is possible to stop drilling. And then lift the drilling head a little bit to release the warning signal and then continue to run in hole.

7. In the middle of drilling holes, if there is shaking, moving and deflecting of the rack, it is possible to stop the drilling equipment immediately and continue to work after finding out the failure reasons.

8. In addition, in the middle of drilling, there should be someone protecting the cable. If there is power off, shut off the power supply and put the drilling head touch the ground.

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