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How to Use and Maintain Decanter Centrifuge

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After you have understood many inside construction and outside appearance of a decanter centrifuge, you can easily know what it is doing for and superficially known how a decanter centrifuge machine works. After achieving the knowledge of factors in choosing a reliable machine of high qualify, you can buy or rent a durable and proper machine which is very suitable to your business. However, after these procedures, the most essential part of making a decanter centrifuge machine help you to promote your manufacturing process comes last. It is the course of installation and use of decanter centrifuge. In the following passage, I will show you briefly and clearly how to use and install a decanter centrifuge.

Installation: In the process of craning, the sling must link closely with the special flying rings. The flying rings must not be linked to other parts. The angle rate between the two slings cant not larger 90°. In the process of taking off and landing, there should not be any friction. And then settle the decanter centrifuge machine correctly; adjust the right length and direction. After these courses, weld the baseboard of the damper closely with relevant embedded parts. Check the horizontal rate of the decanter centrifuge machine.

Link with the technical pipeline: this decanter centrifuge machine is a type which has a high rotating speed. So any outside force will exert influence in the operational process of the machine. As a result, all technical pipelines which needs to link with the machine should take the flexible connection method near the body of the machine.

Maintenance of decanter centrifuge machine:

1) Frequently wipe off the appearance of the machine to make sure the machine is not easily eroded.

2) Frequently adjust the loose rate of the convoying belt in order to elongate the life span of the belt and the belt wheel.

3) Check the clefts between different parts of the machine; adjust when there are any issues.

4) Censor the volume of oil and frequently make arrangement.

5) Censor and maintain the electronic equipment system.

6) Check and take place the quick-wear parts on time.

7) Don’t dislocate the machine by yourself. If there are some matters, contact the expertise or after purchase service.

After a period of operation, the de-1000 decanter centrifuge machine will not as precise as a new one effected by some mixed reasons, such as the abrasion, aging and erosion. At this time, you should overhaul the decanter centrifuge machine and have a large maintenance. This period usually occurs after five thousand to eight thousand working hours of the machine.

Repair of the machine:

The machine can be dismantled only under these circumstances:

1) Rinse the machine before dismantle it.

2) Make sure the machine itself and the surroundings are clean.

3) Prepare craning materials, dismantling materials and a big ware holding small parts of the machine.

4) Prepare some bedding materials which have relatively soft texture.

To sum up, this passage tells us the method of use of decanter centrifuge, and the maintenance and basic repair preparation of the machine. This common sense can help us clearly understand how to use and handle some emergencies in our daily use of decanter centrifuge machine.

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