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How to Use a Desander

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A desander’s simple container facilitates filtering out solids that are grainy from drilling liquid, especially in mud form. When we use the desander, it is close to the last step of purification. Because of its high effectiveness, many people in mining and drilling areas advise people to use it. And more and more desanders are equipped with Polyurethane Screen to attract more costumers. In fact, it is easy to learn how to use a desander because it is very simple.

1. As the process of mining and drilling starts, a desander or more than one is prepared to work. But there are other missions that need to be finished before. For instance, when people drill for natural gas pockets, it is drilling fluids that are needed first to help to find the underground target. Actually, the use of a desander is part of purification. Although some people think the use of a desander is not so vital. How to use a desander plays in important role in those multi-steps of purification.

2. How and when you use the desander is up to the industries that you are working. Therefore, the steps of how to use a desander are various. Sometimes the use of a desander is combined with other tools, such as gas buster, shale shakers and gumbo removal equipment and so on. Consequently, how to use a desander becomes a little difficult. Before using the desander, you use mud cleaner and vacuum degassers or some other tools to break down the fluid so that desanders are able to remove small grains. How can you make the purification better is to use mission pump and desilters together.

3.How does a desander work? It is used to deal with drilling fluids. Drilling fluid gets into the desanders through the pressurized tube to meet the desander cone. The shape is conical that can easily spin the fluid just like water flowing in a draining sink. The only difference is that desander cones’ walls are porous, which leaves sand grains out. A desander doesn’t have moving parts. How a desander works is to use the power of gravity and pressure. Because of that, the desander is not very large and its size is similar to a bathtub. Once the fluid meets the end of the desander cone, the desander filters it out. Then the next step of purification starts.

4. At present, many companies are applying the desander and learn to how to use it, such as petroleum industry. And there are two kinds of desanders. The first one is desanders of simple cycloning and the other is of double cycloning. Simple cycloning desander is used to remove larger things and the double cycloning desander is to filter finest material out. But how to use them is the same.

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