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How to Use Mud Cleaner Properly

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Actually, the mud cleaner with high efficiency belongs to secondary and third mud mud cleaner, which is used to separate the tiny solid particles inside of the mud together with mud agitator so as to benefit the mud to enter into fourth separation equipment. In addition, the mud cleaner can be used alone or connect to other kinds of machines. The separated mud cleaner usage makes it sure that the bottom first vibrating shaker is able to be connected with other equipment. Therefore, the correct mud cleaner usages include maintenance and installation of the mud cleaner, which is able to eliminate the harmful solid particles inside of the mud and control the viscosity of the drilling fluid as well as recycle the useful liquid. Therefore, the proper mud cleaner usages are beneficial to prolonging the service life of the mud cleaner and reducing the labor strength.

And the proper mud cleaner usage includes favorable operation of the mud cleaner. First of all, it is necessary to install the mud cleaner after the shale shaker. And the drilling fluid that enters into the mud cleaner must be carried out by the shale shaker. After power on, the electric machine should be paid attention to and its rotation direction should accord with the direction of the belt covering. First of all, run the shale shaker without any load, and inspect whether the mud cleaner is normal or not. If there is noise, it is possible to halt the machine to check. And then tighten the screen and press the bolts. After being tested for 2 to 3 minutes, there should be no break-off phenomenon between screen and adhesive tape. And then press the bolts to check whether there is improper length of the springs. In addition, in the middle of using the screen, if it is necessary to clean the screen, do not use hard stuff to scratch the screen, avoiding damaging the mud gun. And each shift is necessary to use water to clean the screen surface. Otherwise, the viscous stuff delayed on the screen is able to block the screen holes, influencing the normal mud cleaner usages.

In addition, if you would like to halt the mud cleaner, it is possible to stop the sand pump first of all to run the shale shaker without anything for 3 to 5 minutes and use water to clean the screen surface in time and then stop the mud cleaner. In addition, lube the exciter bearings frequently so as to the bearings will be damaged due to the oil lacking. And in the middle of transporting the lifting machine, do not put the hard stuff on the surface of the screen or step on the screen with feet. Prevent impurity from being into the cyclone so as to block the working flow of the cyclone. It is necessary to wash the sluice channel and bottom plate of the shale shaker so as to prevent the tank bottom from scale depositing.

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