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How to Use Mud Agitator

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The mud agitator plays its part in the drilling fluid solid control system, which also has an indispensable position in oil drilling equipments. The main application of the mud agitator is to stir and mix the drilling fluid to prevent solid particles from being deposited in pot-type circulating system, making sure the solid performance of the drilling fluid.

The first procedure of solid control is agitation, which will directly affect the final effect of processing, apparently improving the productivity.

The mud tank will agitate the mixed fluids before filtering. The correct operation of the impellers in the mud tank is quite important if you want to extend the service span of the mud agitator. By rotating the impellers, the solids in the mixed fluids can be suspended uniformly, which can largely improve the effect of separating. The problem is that the impellers directly touch the solids in the fluids, so it really deserves you checking the condition of the mud tank. Also you need to take care of the centrifuge, which can further clean the fluid before pumping. The quality of the fluids after processing by centrifuge also needs paying attention to. As the result of competition in the market, selecting some famous types of centrifuge can save you a lot of time.

The followings are some announcement on how to use the mud agitator and what need to pay attention to when using the mud agitator.

Firstly, how to use mud agitator should be put in flat place. Put a bar of square wood under the axle to put the wheels high and overhead, preventing the machine from moving when we turn on the power.

Secondly, mud agitator should be taken secondary leakage protection. After pluging in the agitator, we should not use it until the machine is Ok when carefully examined by empty commissioning. Rotational speed of drum should be appropriate. According to the suggestions given by professionals, usually, empty car is 2-3 turns slightly faster than full car. If the factual situation is far away from this standard, the proportion between the driving wheels and the driven wheels should be adjusted.

Thirdly, the direction of the drum rotating should be in agreement with the direction of arrows pointing on the instructions, otherwise motor cable should be modified.

Fourthly, the following items need checking: whether the drive clutches and brakes are flexible and reliable, wire ropes are broken; track pulleys are good and there are surrounding barriers. Also, the lubrication situation of every part of how to use mud agitator should be checked.

Fifthly, when the machine is running, remember to observe whether every part is working normally or not. Additionally, when the machine is power-off, we need to take regular check on whether the blades of the agitator are bent by force and screws are fetched away or loose.

Sixthly, after finishing mixing mud or when the machine will be waiting for more than one hour, besides pouring out the remaining materials, put stones and clean water in the beater cylinder, turn on the power, and make it rotate, which could rule out completely the mortar which should have clung to the wall of the cylinder. What need to pay attention is that there should be no water remained in the charging barrel otherwise the charging barrel and blades are likely to rust. In the meantime, the dust on the outside surface of the charging barrels should be cleaned out. In a word, keep the machine clean and in good condition.

Finally, it is the simplest and most basic of all that we should switch off the machine when we will not use it for a long time and lock the switch box, making it safer.

We should know how to use the mud agitator carefully according to the words mentioned above and then there would no big problems.?

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