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How to Use Mission Pump of Brant Screen

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It’s universally acknowledged that Mission pump of Brant screen is a kind of broad Pump of a popular concept, different regions, habit, eventually Pump type does not involve, illustrated the entry of Mud Pump is one of the most significance type Pump: used in the field of oil drilling Mud Pump. In fact, sewage pump, slurry pump and so on some of the fresh water pump and mud pump on the way there are general. This entry to readers is expounded in the field of drilling mud pump.
Mission pump of Brant screen can be divided into two types according to the different functions. Single acting mud pump: in the piston reciprocating movement of a loop only complete a suction drainage.

While Double-acting mud pump: in the piston reciprocating movement of a loop to complete two suction drainages.

Mission pump of Brant screen can be classified into four types according to the number of cylinders. They are single cylinder, double cylinder, three, five cylinder type.

Mission pump of Brant screen has two main parameters in performance of the displacement and stress.


Emissions from several liters per minute, Mission pump of Brant screen with the hole diameter and the required rinses the return rate on the bottom of the hole, namely, the larger the aperture, the greater the displacement. Requirements of flushing fluid return rate to bit cutting down on cuttings, rock powder promptly rushed from the bottom of the hole, and carried to the surface in a reliable way. Geological core drilling, generally has the return rate at around 0.4 ~ 1.0 m/min.


The pressure of the pump depends on the depth of drilling, washing fluid resistance by the number of channels and the conveying of flushing fluid properties, etc. The deeper the borehole, the pipeline resistance, the greater the need is, the higher the pressure is.

Along with the change of the whole diameter, depth, requirement of pump displacement can at any time to adjust. In the Mission pump of Brant screen body is equipped with the gearbox or hydraulic motor to adjust the speed, in order to achieve the goal of change of displacement. In order to accurately grasp the change of the stress and displacement pump, Mission pump of Brant screen is to be installed on the flow meter and pressure gauge, at any time make the drilling personnel to understand the status of Yun \ turn pump, pressure change at the same time by identifying whether hole conditions normal to prevent hole accident.

When it comes to how to use mission pump of Brant screen, you should seal parts of rapid wear at first. Then make Clearance between impeller and guard plate is reasonable, it had a great influence on mud pump life. Gap is unreasonable, vibration and noise when the pump is running, flow components damage quickly, and thus replacing the impeller and make clearance should be paid attention to meet the requirements of the drawings, gap adjustment, can by the adjusting screw on the rear bearing body. Suction without the permission of the slurry pump is measured when conveying water, should consider when mission pump of Brant screen effect on absorbing ability.

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