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How to Use Desilter

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Many people will ask: how to use desilter ? With the question that how to use the desilter, we have many points should consider. And first we should know the components of desilter. Every desilter has two rings in the top design, which can be used when install the shipment. When you want to know how to use the desilter, you must first install it. If you want to install the desilter, you have to find an appropriate place to wrap desilter in accordance with the visual field. And then, you can connect the perfusion and sand pump according your own needs.

You should also check the pressure of the desilter. If the pressure is higher than normal level, you should open the liquid into the mouth of the overflow valve device to make the pressure down. In addition, you have to tighten thorn leakage place card cap screws in case the leakage emerged. When you have finished the use of desilter, you should shut down the sand pump and desander. Many desilter use the 518 centrifuge. And then, you have to wash the screen and turn off the vibrating motor power supply. After that, don’t forget to check every part of desilter to make sure there is not any problem.

So after we have known about how to use the desilter, there are some matters of attention we should consider. First, in order to prevent siphon overflow pipe, you have to connect the mouth of desilter. And then, you can install the overflow manifold with connection of flange. And attention that when you prepare to operate the desilter, you should know you must open the screen box fixing device first. You can adjust the outlet pressure of desander to make sure the desilter is normal work.

Besides, the service life the screen can be mostly affected by the installation of screen. So you must be careful when you install the screen of desilter. You should know that the work of the vibrating sieve will support with the strip blows if you stretched the screen too loose. And the installation of screen can also be applicable to the installation steps of desander. So the worker can install the desilter easily.

You can raise the shale shaker screen frame back up when the compound drilling fluid is used. Such a step can make the things on screen out sooner than other machines. And many factories choose the desilter for it can put down the screen frame to recycling barite and it can mostly reduce the cost of drilling mud. So the question that how to use desilter has been described in detail which you should know.

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