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How to Use Decanter Centrifuge

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Steps of How to Use Decanter Centrifuge

1. The centrifuge cup must be closed, when decanter centrifuge is in the precooling state. After the centrifuge, workers should take swivel off, pour it on the stage in the experiment and dry residual water in the cavity, at the same time, the centrifuge cup should keep open situation.

2. The swivel cup can be placed in the platform of decanter centrifuge or the stage in the experiment, when swivel is in the precooling state. Please notice that tighten the floating put in the swivel, because the swivel cup will fly out and cause accidents once being opened with mistakes.

3. After the tightening of swivel cup, workers have to uses their fingers touch whether there is gap between swivel and swivel cup. If the gap is open, workers should retighten it. The decanter centrifuge cannot be began until workers ensure that there is no gap.

4. During the centrifuge, workers should not leave the centrifuge room. Once it happens abnormal conditions, workers should not turn of the power, but press stop. Before the precool, workers should fill the usage record of decanter centrifuge.

5. Do not use inferior centrifuge tube, fossilized, distorted and flawed centrifuge tubes.

6. Workers cannot leave the centrifuge room until the final use of regular safety inspection in the holiday and at the night.

7. If it happens the malfunction of machine during the use process of instrument, please contact us timely in the condition of defective components.

Some Precautions for Use of Decanter Centrifuge

Currently, the electrical centrifuge is used in the experiment. Due to the quick speed of electrical centrifuge, workers must notice the safety, especially in order to prevent the decanter centrifuge in the working time from falling down because of imbalance or tube pad of maturing, or prevent glass fragment from rotating to fly out and cause accidents due to the vibration of centrifuge tube. As a result, workers must pay attention to the following operations when using decanter centrifuge.

1. The bottom of decanter centrifuge tube should stack up cotton or tube pads.

2. If electrical decanter centrifuge happens noise or the vibration of fuselage, workers should immediately cut off the power and clear out the malfunctions as soon as possible.

3. The decanter centrifuge must be symmetrically placed inside the tubes in order to avoid the vibration of fuselage. If there is only one sample tube, another one should be replaced with the same-quality water.

4. When starting the decanter centrifuge, workers should not initiate it slowly until the decanter centrifuge cup is covered.

After the detailed introduction of how to use decanter centrifuge and some precautions for use of decanter centrifuge, you will have a new understanding of this machine---decanter centrifuge. We hope this article will help you a lot in the daily life.

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