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How to Select Decanter Centrifuge

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Decanter centrifuge is a machine, which splits liquid and solid particles or the mixture between liquid through centrifugal force. The models and types of decanter centrifuge are various and the price of it is very expensive. As a result, we should better take many factors into consideration according to work when we purchase decanter centrifuge. The following factors should be considered:

1. the purpose of centrifuge, analytical centrifuge or preparative centrifuge.

2. The types and quantities of samples are the size of cell, virus or albumen. Workers should buy analytical centrifuge or preparative centrifuge, decanter centrifuge with low velocity, high speed and excessive speed, or decanter centrifuge with high capacity, constant capacity and scruple capacity.

3. Economic capacity: when the model of machine is determined, we should consider the manufacturer and price, because the price and the performance of products are synchronous.

4. Other conditions: these problems of whether the operation of centrifuge is simple, the maintenance of decanter centrifuge is convenient, the design of it is out-of-date and the supply of vulnerable part is convenient.

5. Corresponding problems: A decanter centrifuge cannot be operated in the low speed, high speed and excessive speed at the same time. In the general speaking, ultra centrifuge is limited in the centrifuge with excessive speed instead of high speed and even low speed of centrifuge. Similarly, super centrifuge cannot adopt to the centrifuge with low speed. As a result, when you purchase ultra-centrifuge, you should better equip with super centrifuge, otherwise, ultra centrifuge cannot exploit the advantages to the full. In general, the operating frequency of low speed and high speed is quite high, while the operating frequency of ultra-centrifuge is quite low, because ultra-centrifuge usually use the purchasing in the laboratory or consider regional public settings.

After the determination of the model of decanter centrifuge, we should consider which the swivel of centrifuge to select. The main reason we consider is the capacity of the sample and the condition of centrifuge. Just one kind of swivel can meet the different needs in the work. You should not pursuit more and better ones. Because, the types of swivel are various and most of them are similar, while the price of the swivel of ultra-centrifuge is quite expensive. If we assort all the swivels, the price of them is several times than the main engine of decanter centrifuge, which is no need to do that.

After the detailed introduction of how to select an excellent decanter centrifuge, we believe that you can purchase a decanter centrifuge, which is most suitable for you not in your daily life but also in the working time. What’s more, we feel grateful that you can share this article with your friends and let them know how to select a good decanter centrifuge.

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