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How to Repair a Decanter Centrifuge

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Decanter centrifuge is an emerging and flourishing industry in these days in many manufacturing and processing course. Many factories have this decanter centrifuge machine, we spent a lot of money buy it, and much time to use it and maintain it. Sometimes, due to some kind of wrong control or negligence, the machine can be out of work and need to be repaired. Of course we can return to the manufacturer of the decanter centrifuge supplier from which we bought it, but in the daily use, there are really some circumstances that the matter is too small to return it to the manufacturer, it will certainly be a very time consuming process and it will delay our future producing course, and we can absolutely do the repair a decanter centrifuge machine by our own machinists. But do your machinists know clearly how to repair a decanter centrifuge correctly?

Before the dismantling and repairing, we should certainly do the clean job carefully, which cannot be neglected.

The repairing course can be divided into these tips:

1) The installation and dismantling of the main bearing.

2) The dismantling of the small end of the main bearing.

3) The dissembling and installation of the matching bearing.

4) The installation and dissembling process of the roller pin bearing.

5) The dismantling course of revolting drum.

6) Lifting rotating assembly.

7) Screw:

Firstly, dismantle the large end bracing bearing; pull the screw from the revolting drum by using special tools.

Secondly, dismantle the sealed case in the large end of the screw. Check the large end bearing.

Thirdly, generally, we do not need to dismantle the screw and the baring neck of the small end, just check the screw bearing.

Last, check if there are any loose in screws, and rinsing all kinds of parts.

In the whole repairing process, the preparation can be very important, we should make sure the checking and repairing environment is clean enough and ventilate. And when there are two or more decanter centrifuge machines malfunctioning, we should not interchange the screws or any parts of the two. And we even cannot change the screws in different part of a decanter centrifuge machine even if they are dismantled in the same decanter centrifuge. And during the dismantling and repairing of a decanter centrifuge, we should certainly use the special tools and strictly follow the introduction, if the machine cannot be repaired by ourselves, we can return it to the manufacturer. If the machine is not working for a long period, you should rinse every part of the machine and make an overhaul of it and lubricate the decanter centrifuge machine. The parts which you need to replace, you would better to get them from the original producer of this decanter centrifuge machine.

Here we have briefly introduced you some simple repairing principles of a decanter centrifuge machine. I hope it can be useful to your future use and repair of this machine, please remember, once the machine cannot be repaired by ourselves, don not hesitate to return it to the original producer for repairing

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