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How to Repair Vacuum Degasser in Solid Control System

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Repair vacuum degasser in solid control system is to adopt the international advanced technology research and development of central heating and central air conditioning system, constant pressure, expansion, hydrating, vacuum degassing four one of the new equipment. The equipment in the system of automatic voltage regulator, automatic filling water and expansion pressure, free gas and dissolved gas removal system, etc. Make the system is always in a state of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving movement.The working principle of the equipment

Repair vacuum degasser in solid control system filling water exhaust using air pressure tank can adjust ability, can automatically adjust the change of quantity of users, when water consumption to reduce or not water, can be a long time not start the pump, to achieve energy saving purpose. Compared with the water tower, high water tank can save about 40% 60%. The device structure is compact, compared with other traditional water supply device reduces the area, save the land resources. This equipment is fully automatic operation, no need of personnel management, reliable work. At the same time in the water circulation system: on the one hand, there are a lot of gas, if Repair vacuum degasser in solid control system is not be removed easily produce gas resistance, local or the circulation of the whole system and heating, as well as damage to equipment and pipelines; On the other hand water containing oxygen makes heating (refrigeration) equipment, pipeline and terminal equipment such as corrosion of steel radiator, perforation and leakage directly affect the safety of the whole system. The unit of the degassing equipment according to Henry's law: under a certain temperature and pressure a certain amount of gas dissolved in water, when the temperature increase or decrease, the dissolved gas in water would reduce the principle; Without changing the temperature generated by equipment under the condition of Solid control equipment, will release the free gas and dissolved gas in the water, then through the automatic exhaust valve discharge system. After repair vacuum degasser in solid control system, it will absorb gas for gas water balance in the system. So circulation, thus removing all gas water system, will ensure the safety of system stable operation.

Repair vacuum degasser in solid control system,

1, automatic constant pressure, automatic filling water, automatic drainage, free gas, gas dissolved in the automatic removal system.

2, operation parameters set arbitrary, is applicable to any place closed constant pressure water.

3, the degassing efficiency and deoxidization efficiency > 99%

4 can greatly shorten the heating or cooling system after the first injection, exhaust time, is advantageous to the system's first trial run.

5, removing the gas in system to prevent the gas resistance, ensure the normal operation of the system during the stable and reliable.

6, remove the pump cavitation, the noise of the system is running.

7, by removing the oxygen in the water, will reduce the oxygen corrosion; prolong the life time of the equipment.

8 and as a result of the removal of the water gas, heat exchanger with gas bubble on the surface, improve the heating efficiency.

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