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How to Repair VSM Shaker

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In order to make sure the normal running of the VSM shaker, it is necessary to preserve and maintain the shale shaker in a regular and suitable way. However, only the professionals will know how to repair and check the VSM shaker in a correct way. Actually, how to repair VSM shaker should conform to the following steps.

1. Inspect whether there is any loose phenomenon on bolts or screws of all flexible parts of the VSM shakers carefully. The loose phenomenon of the bolts and screw is easy to lead to the damage of the VSM shaker in the middle of the operating it.

2. Check whether there is abrasion or scratch on connection rod or other kinds of elements. It is possible to use rubber to prevent the shock in the middle of replacing cables. It is forbidden to run the VSM shaker with lacked components. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether all components are perfect before operating it.

3. Check whether there are any noises or strange sound inside of the VSM shaker. And whether the temperature inside of the VSM shaker is too high. If there is strange phenomenon, remember to pen the VSM shaker and cool it for a while. And it is forbidden to install or tear down the VSM shaker without the help of the professionals. If you understand some basic knowledge, it is possible to repair VSM shaker with tiny problems.

4. Inspect whether the tightness of the screen is proper and whether there are any scratches on the screen. If there is, change the screen in time to avoid having effects on the normal operation of the VSM shakers, which needs to ask for professionals for help to repair VSM shaker.

5. After finishing using the VSM shaker each day, it is necessary to clean the inner part of the VSM shaker so as to avoid dust accumulating inside of the mud gun.

6. It is also necessary to check whether all connecting bolts are fastened and whether there are any broken elements on the VSM shaker.

7. Remember to lube the VSM shaker frequently so as to avoid causing abrasion and damage.

8. Carry out entire inspection every half year. And if the daily preservation is favorable, it is able to prolong this period.

9. Do not ignore any small problems, for it is possible to cause large problems due to these small problems.

An effective way for the VSM shaker manufacturers to reduce maintenance cost is to train the personnel to repair VSM shaker. It is necessary for the personnel to know some basic knowledge about how to repair VSM shaker, which is beneficial to improve the whole quality of the personnel, and it is also able to save a lot of maintenance cost for the VSM shaker manufacturers.

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