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How to Repair Desander

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First of all, repairing desander is a kind of complex job due to the mix of the desander as well as so many different classifications of the desander. Based on the filtering theory, the desander had been invented. Actually, the desander belongs to a kind of device to separate solid particles from liquid materials. The desander plays a crucial role in removing the grit inside of oil or water, so it occupies a leading position in oil developing industry and water refining field. Although the desander has wide application, it is still necessary to pay attention to the methods of repairing desander reasonably and scientifically.

The desander adopts the centrifugal separation theory based on the different density of the materials. After the water flow packing into the desander from the water intake in a tangential way under some certain pressure caused by removing the impurity, the strong spiral movement happens. Due to different thickness of the water and sand, under the function of the centrifugal energy, centripetal force, flotaging force as well as fluid drag energy, the water with low thickness go upwards and then is discharged from the transporting port, while sands with heavy thickness flow from the water outlet of the desander so as to achieve the goal of removing the impurity. During the operation of the desander, it is necessary to check all the components frequently so as to repair desander in time.

Before repairing desander, it is necessary to know the fundamental features of the desander.

1. The desander is equipped with simple mix and easy operation and maintenance.

2. Compared other kinds of oil developing devices such as expansion pipe or buffer case, the desander has small occupation and large processing capacity, which is able to save a lot of working space.

3. Apart from being used to filter solid particles and liquid material, the desander can also be used in water refining to supply fresh water for human beings.

In addition, during repairing desander, there are still some things we need to pay attention to.

1. The desander should be installed on the proper places to make sure that it is possible to play suitable function. If the desander is used to refine water, it is possible to install the desander on the major pipelines to make sure the whole water supplying system.

2. During installation, it is necessary to reserve enough and necessary space for later maintenance. When repairing desander, it may need to connect another length of pipes to the existed pipes.

3. It is necessary to clear of the inside of the desander to prevent the sand from accumulating and blocking the desander, especially the water outlet and water intake. Frequent cleaning is beneficial to the smooth discharging of the impurity.

4. During the whole draining operation of the desander, it is necessary to control all valves well.

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