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How to Protect Solid Control Equipment?

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Overseas solid control equipment presentation is good, work steadiness, long service life, has realized the standardization of equipment type and series and customization. Special courtesy to the optimal allocation of solid control system gear abroad and the efficiency of the whole solid control system evaluation, and settled expert system for drilling fluid solids controller.

1. The solids control equipment

How to protect solid control equipment?The excellence and performance of drilling unsolidified solids control equipment is the key of compact phase control technology. Drilling solids control system includes a circulation tank drilling, drilling fluid purification device and three parts of electrical control equipment, including the drilling fluid purification apparatus includes: 518 centrifuge , shaker, centrifuge, sand mixers and pumps, mixers, in view of the environment sensitive areas, you can also configure the drill cuttings recovery and waste treatment facilities.

2. The development trend of solids control equipment

At current, focus on growth of solids controller equipment in addition to sand, silt, desecrator occupy the range is small, high efficiency, long life, such as equipment, and 518 centrifuge with integration, high-speed strainer, automatic detection and control of reliable control system according to the test marks.

3. The status quo of solids control equipment abroad

American oil tools co., LTD., solid control system consists of four vibrating screen and two dryer (that is, the dry type vibrating screen), and this can answer how to protect solid control equipment. Four vibrating screen and a drier connected in parallel, the return of drilling fluid in well by drilling fluid dispenser shunt to 4 sets of vibrating screen and a dryer, they are isolated from the solid phase particles again by another dryer for processing, make the particles further dehydration. Emergence of liquid recycling, dry granules are drained.

Dryer is actually a powerful laundry vibrating screen, screen frame tilting 10 °, in order to reduce the loss of liquid. Four detailed three-dimensional wave sieve screen, instead of the traditional type linear sieve, three-dimensional structure allows gravity to force the oncoming solid into folded slot, leave uplift zone, the top of the separation of solid and every fold. Therefore 518 centrifuge increased the amount of fluid, no bumps, convex part can increase the ability of the fluid. Two layers of fine screen cloth on a layer of coarse grid cloth, three layers of bolting cloth together, make the waveform, and then stick in the hole in the board. Waveform screen area of more than 518 centrifuges, ordinary flat screen area increased by 40%, better than flat screen 2 ~ 3 grid size. Handle liquid capacity increased by 70%, and not easy to 518 centrifuge blockage, but the treatment effect is very good.?

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