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How to Protect Mud Agitator

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As we all know, mud agitator consists of explosion-proof electric machine, reducer, engine base and BoLun components. Electric machine and reducer, reducer and wave wheel all connect through rigid coupling. And impeller is composed of four vanes. The operating principle of mud agitator is that impeller can make mixing fluid produce eddy motion and further enhance the mixing effect. The tray in the middle of the blade can prevent mud solid phase particles from depositing around the lower vanes after the stop calculation, which can reduce the drag torque that sediment forces to vanes to avoid burning out motors due to overload.

The Installation and Maintenance of Mud Agitator

1. Mud agitator should be lifted in the level and put in the the location of the desire to install stably when it is fixed. After adjusting the concentricity(<0.39mm), workers should weld four M16pedestals in the tank and tighten the fixed base bolt.

2. Workers should make sure that the rigid coupling of mud agitator should add spring pads and be solid and reliable. Otherwise, it will cause the deflection of wave wheel axle and further intensify the abrasion of reducer.

3. The stirrer of mud agitator should not happen abnormal situations such as strang ring, the cassette and excess temperature. Otherwise, workers should stop the machine and check it to rule out the faults.

4. The fuel head of reducer of mud agitator should be kept in the central location in the oil window and lubricant should be added from time to time during the work time. It is suggested to use industrial gear oil of 120#. When it can not be met in the spot, other lubricant of appropriate granularity can replace it.

Some Precautions for Use of Mud Agitator

1. Workers should check whether the model selection of mud agitator is correct and the actual service condition is conform with the specified conditions of use.

2. Blender motor in the mud hold has two pipes, rigid steel conduit and flexible metal tubing of fencing cables and be ensures the seal of connection of pipes.

3. If the infrared distance between power supply and mud agitator is too far, taking the line loss into consideration, the cross-sectional area of the cable should be increased, the splices should be as few as possible and the splices should be made seal processing to prevent the leakage.

4. The power cable, ground lead and control cable of mud agitator should be docked one by one with the connector lugs of the control cabinet.

After the brief introduction of installation and maintenance and some precautions for use of mud agitator, we believe that you will understand it more deeply.

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