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How to Protect Drilling Equipment

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In China's modern oil companies, oil machinery problems are mostly due to the interaction between equipments, which does relatively large harm to mechanical. So an important aspect to protect oil drilling equipment is to reduce wear of various mechanical components. The preventive methods are as follows:

1,Reasonable lubrication for equipment

Some professional research institutions analyzed petroleum machinery equipment failure reasons by stack sizer and the analysis result is that more than half of the wear is conducted with no good lubrication. In order to ensure the precision and accuracy of the equipment, it is necessary to keep the gap between parts, only in this way can guarantee the equipment will not get wear and tear during operation, which need our staff to do reasonable lubrication with stack sizer to guarantee the normal work of the distance between the various parts; In addition the good lubrication also will make the temperature of equipment in the process of working won't become too high due to excessive wear, this will increase the service life of equipment. Based on the above reasons, we should do reasonable lubrication to equipment. When choosing lubricant, we should fully choose lubricant that adapts to equipment lubricants, only to adapt to the mechanical equipment can lubricants play the best lubricating effect.In addition, for drilling equipment, due to the different structure of its own performance, the requirements for lubricant is not nearly the same. We should make the choice according to the specific structure of the drilling equipment to choose the appropriate lubricant category; According to the environment and the different season, we also should choose different lubricants brand. We should check the lubricant regularly, overdue lubricant should be handled in a timely manner. Expired lubricant should not be put into normal use, it can cause secondary wear of mechanical equipment.

2, standardized operation, regular training to operators and assessment

As oil drilling equipment operators, whether or not the operating of equipment is specificate, whether or not operate the equipment in accordance with the relevant requirements will directly determine the failure rate of mechanical equipment. So in daily equipment operation, we have know how to protect drilling equipment. For example, before starting the mechanical equipment, you should test the cooling liquid is sufficient or not in accordance with the specification with stack sizer. In the preheat phase you will also have to wait and after oil reaches a certain temperature, to start the normal work. Some operators due to impatient and negligence, did not operate in accordance with the above specification and cause serious loss of drilling equipment, thus increase the incidence of mechanical equipment failure. So in daily work, we need to constantly strengthen the consciousness of operators specification and regularly carry out training for important equipment operators.

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