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How to Optimize the Work Performance of Solid Control Equipment

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Drilling fluids account for more than one fifth of the total cost of oil drilling operations in general. In order to reduce the production cost and to meet the rising environmental standards, they are usually easy to use, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. As a matter of fact, some kinds of complex drilling fluids play several functions in the drilling operations at the same time. For instance, drilling fluids can be used to clean the well and to hold the cuttings in suspension. In addition, they can help to prevent caving and to ensure the tightness of the well wall by forming an impermeable cake near the wellbore area. What is more, drilling fluids are also capable of cooling and lubricating the tool and transferring the hydraulic power. At the same time, information about the nature of the drilled formation is also carried by raising the cuttings from the bottom to the surface. However, drilling fluids have undergone major technological evolution in the past decade or so. A simple mixture of water and clays adopted in the first operations has progressed into the complex mixtures of various specific organic and inorganic products at present. Thus the fluid rheological properties as well as the filtration capability have been greatly improved.

The new generation solid control equipment combines balanced and progressive motion so as to reduce the production costs and to optimize the work performance of the whole package. Operators can change the type of solid control equipment functions according to different or changing drilling conditions. As a matter of fact, the balanced elliptical motion enables the processing of high volume solids as the motion increases conveyance rates and shaker fluid capacity. The gentler action of the progressive elliptical motion is effective when the cuttings volume is reduced. The introduction of the closed loop system and the stack sizer has drastically changed the way the oil drilling operators and contractors approach the solids control and waste management as it provides the state-of-the-art solids control. There is a tendency that the drilling locations are moving closer and closer to environmentally sensitive areas while the regulatory requirements become increasingly strict. The benefits with the closed loop system are obvious and significant as both the time and expense of building, fencing and decommissioning reserve pits have been greatly eliminated.

With the latest closed loop system, the new generation solid control equipment is rather versatile and is capable of offering a wide range of solids control on such applications as oil based drilling fluids conditioning and drilling fluids dewatering that require remediation. What is more, the efficient and trouble-free service of solids control not only reduces the drilling time but also ensures each well can readily reach its optimal producing potential.

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